800 Sq Ft Contemporary House Plans

800 Sq Ft Contemporary House Plans

A contemporary house is a type of modern house that was designed in the early 1980s. This house is designed in a minimalist style, with clean lines and focusing strongly on function.

A contemporary house has a square shape and it has minimal wall materials. The exterior of the house is almost always made of wood and it has clean, straight lines that go to the roof.

The interior of the house is also minimalist, with almost no decorations on the walls or furniture. Some styles have more traditional elements to them, such as a fireplace or molding.

You can build a contemporary house on either a single level or two levels, depending on the size of the property.

How Does An 800-Square Feet Contemporary House Look?

The most common size for this type of home is 800 square feet, which makes it suitable for an average family with 2 children and an average income. Some homes have 1000 square feet, but they are less common than homes with 800 square feet.

These houses usually have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and kitchen, living room, dining room, study room, and one or two bedrooms for guests or relatives.

An 800 sq ft contemporary home is suitable for families who live in large cities like New York City.

Minimalistic and Clean Lines

A contemporary house has clean lines and a minimalist style. The materials used can be easily painted to match the color of the house. The lines of the house are simple and they do not have any decorative elements on them, which makes it easier to decorate them.

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It is possible to add modern furniture that has clean lines without making the house look cluttered or unkempt.

The Disadvantages of An 800-Square Feet Contemporary House

It is important to know the disadvantages of this type of home before you build it. The most common disadvantage is that it is expensive to build because it is a very new style of home.

If you want to build an 800 square feet contemporary house, you will need to hire a professional architect and a professional builder to help you with the construction process.

You will not have much storage space for your home because it is a small house. This type of home does not have much space for any kind of storage, so you will need to buy furniture that has enough storage space for your belongings.

The size of the house is also tiny, so you cannot host many guests at the same time. This can be a problem if you want to invite friends and relatives over for dinner or a party because you will not have enough room for them to stay overnight.

You can have only 2 guests in your home at one time because this is the maximum number of people that this type of home can accommodate.

How Much Does An 800-Square Feet Contemporary House Cost?

A home with 800 square feet is usually very expensive and it may cost up to $100,000, depending on the size and location of the property.

You should also factor in all the costs involved in building an 800 square feet contemporary house, such as architect fees, contractor fees, paint and labor costs, building materials, and so on.

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