800 Sq Ft House Plans 2 Story

800 Sq Ft House Plans 2 Story

Is it possible to build an 800-square-foot house with two stories? Yes, it is possible. This article explains how this can be done.

Step 1: Designing the Home with Multiple Stories

The first step in building an 800-square-foot house with two stories is to draw up a floor plan that has multiple stories. The story plans will determine the number of wall studs that are needed in each story. Each story should have a one-floor plan that includes:

  • Living Room, Kitchen, and bedroom on the first floor; and,
  • Bathroom, Utility Room, and Laundry Room on the second floor.

Step 2: Determining the Number of Wall Studs for Each Story

The next step is to determine how many wall studs you need in each story based on the size of each room. For example, a bedroom needs 8 wall studs for each side of the room (4 walls plus 2 walls).

An 8’ x 8’ bedroom would need 32 wall studs total (8+8+2). An 800-square-foot house would need approximately 4,600 wall studs.

This means that the first story will need to have at least 4,600 wall studs (4 stories of 800 square feet each). The second story will need at least the same amount of studs.

Step 3: Deciding the House Materials

The next step is to decide on the house materials that will be used. For example, what kind of wood will you use for the walls? The walls can be built with drywall, wood studs, or masonry.

Step 4: Calculating the Size of the Roof for Each Story

Next, the size of the roof for each story must be calculated. This is done by considering the size of each room in each story. For example, a bedroom needs an 8’ x 8’ ceiling (4 walls plus 2 walls).

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This means that it needs at least a 4’ ceiling to have enough room to place furniture in each room.

Step 5: Designing the Stairs of Each Story

After the roof is designed, the next step is to design the stairs for each story. We usually use stairs on the first floor of a house. They usually go up to another floor or another part of the house.

Step 6: Hiring the Right Contractor

After you draw the plans up, the next step is to hire a contractor to build the house. The contractor will have to know how many wall studs are needed in each story and where they will be located.

Also, they will have to know how much material they need for each story.

Step 7: Begin The Construction

After the plans are drawn up and you hire the contractor, the next step is to begin construction. You will build the walls first. After you build them, cover them with drywall or wood studs.

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