800 Sq Ft House Plans With Vastu South Facing

800 Sq Ft House Plans With Vastu South Facing

South-facing is the most favorable direction for living space and a building is better suited to this orientation if it faces south. You should build the house on the southern side of the plot, to get maximum sunlight.

The major advantages of South facing are:

Better Air Circulation

With south-facing buildings, the walls face the sun and thus they get more sunlight than other parts of the house. This helps in enhancing air circulation throughout the house, providing better ventilation.

Better Air Quality

In houses that face south, fresh air enters through all sides of the house and this helps in making it healthy and clean.

Better Energy Efficiency

South-facing houses use less energy than those that face north or east because of a lack of exposure to direct sunlight during winter months. The less sunlight that a building receives during winter makes it more energy efficient.

Attractive Living Space

Houses with good south-facing provide attractive living spaces for their occupants because of extra sunlight coming through from outside and from natural ventilation by windows and doors.

They also have ample space for entertaining guests or for children’s play areas, which are essential elements for creating a pleasant living environment for family members.

How to Build an 800 Square Feet House with Vastu South Facing?

You should build the house on the southern side of the plot, to get maximum sunlight.

If a person knows where to build a house, he should first ensure that the land is free from natural obstacles like trees, ponds, and rocks. He should also check if there are any graves or graves nearby.

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Such places are believed to have negative energy and thus they should be avoided when planning the construction of a house.

With graves nearby, it is better to dig the graves deep so that it does not affect the energy flow in the house. If there are no such issues, then one can begin building a house on this plot.

It is advisable to place the house alongside trees as they bring good fortune to one’s family and also keep away evil spirits. We believe that if a person does not live near trees, then he will face various problems in life like unemployment, loss of property, etc.

However, if there are no trees around, then one can put some plants inside his home which can serve the same purpose.

It is also important to ensure that there are no pits and wells nearby, as these can affect the energy flow in your home. It is also necessary to place a mirror outside so that one can view his reflection. This will give him confidence and make him feel more confident about himself.

You can even use pebbles as decorations for various places inside your home, like doors, windows, etc.

The building material should be high quality and should be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather and even earthquakes etc., during its lifetime. You should maintain the building materials so that they do not crack, chip, or break during their lifetime.

The foundation of the house should be solid enough so that it does not shake when an earthquake occurs or during heavy winds.

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