800 Sq Ft House Plans With Vastu West Facing

800 Sq Ft House Plans With Vastu West Facing

The most suitable house plan is always the one that’s following the geographical location of the house, its surrounding area, and your requirements.

This article focuses on 800 sq ft house plans with Vastu west facing. You will get a complete picture of this article when you read its introduction section.

House with Vastu West Facing Advantages

This house plan has Vastu west facing, which is favorable. You will have the best house plan with Vastu west facing, which will provide you with all the excellent features that you need. This house plan will provide you with all the advantages of western facing, which are:

  • Better air circulation
  • Better natural lighting
  • Higher level of privacy in your home

House with Vastu West Facing Disadvantages

There are no disadvantages in this house plan with Vastu west facing. It’s an advantage for you to have a better living space and more security in your home.

So, it’s worth investing in this plan for your home planning and construction work!

How to Build an 800 Square Feet House with Vastu West Facing?

Build a house plan that’s based on the geographical location of your home. It’s important to check the west-facing part of your house plan before you construct it.

So, what are the requirements for the west-facing part? This is the place where sunlight will enter your home through windows and doors.

For this, you need to ensure that your windows are at an appropriate height and also you should ensure that doors are at an appropriate distance from walls and columns.

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For better security in your home, you can also place guardrails around all openings of the house, which will help to keep away thieves and burglars. Also, you can use burglar bars on your windows and doors.

You can also use cameras or video recording devices to record all movements around your home at night time.

Besides this, you can use alarms or surveillance systems to alert others if they detect any movement inside or outside of your home during nighttime hours.

The location of each door should be as per Vastu guidelines. Some door locations may block certain directions, while other directions may not have any doors at all.

For instance, you can place a door to the north or east of your home, but not to the west. You should not place any door at the center of your home because it may block certain directions.

Some Vastu experts believe you should leave the center of your home vacant so that good things may come to you in that direction.

If you are planning to build a small house, then it’s best to start with a corner house plan. You can add some rooms in each corner and build them as per Vastu guidelines.

If you are planning a big house, then it’s better to build them from front to back with an open space in between the two sides of your house.

You can also use staircases for better air circulation and security purposes. For better ventilation in this house plan, you can also use ceiling fans in all rooms for better air circulation around your home.

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