Building a Tiny House With Recycled Materials

Building a Tiny House With Recycled Materials

When you build with used or recycled material, you are recycling it. This means that it has already been used by someone else and is no longer needed by them. That item would have been thrown away if you hadn’t taken it off their hands and put it to good use.

As well as this, when you buy something second hand, you are saving yourself from having to produce new products from scratch and instead of putting them back into circulation, which saves money and energy! Also if you are able to get items that have already been used once, you can often get them at a cheaper price.

Reusing and recycling are important to do if we want to leave the world in a better state than we found it. So if you are building your tiny house and want to go for a more environmentally-friendly build, here are some ideas of how you can use recycled materials in your build:

Use old windows and doors – rather than buying new ones, why not reuse ones that you already have? You can often find old windows and doors in your local area, and they may even be able to be taken from an old property that is being demolished. They may not look as nice as new ones, but they will save you money! Plus they could add a rustic feel to your tiny house which some people like.

Use reclaimed wood – as well as using old windows and doors, you could also use reclaimed wood for other things such as flooring or for your cabinets. There are lots of places where you can find reclaimed wood. It’s important that when using reclaimed wood, it is from sustainable sources so try to make sure of this before buying it.

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Buy second-hand appliances – If you are going to be using an appliance in your tiny house, you could buy it second hand. For example, a used washing machine or tumble dryer will be much cheaper than a new one and will still work just as well. You can also look for second-hand fridges and freezers on sites like Gumtree.

Buy second-hand plumbing fixtures – another thing that you could buy second-hand is plumbing fixtures such as your toilet, sink, and shower. They will be much cheaper than buying new ones, and if they have already been used once, then you won’t have to worry about them breaking down!

Use salvaged materials – you can use materials that have been salvaged from other sources for things such as furniture or flooring. Salvaged materials are often much cheaper than buying new ones and can give your tiny house a unique feel. Plus if the items are being reused rather than being thrown away, then it’s helping the environment!

Use reclaimed bricks – bricks are another item that you could use in your build that has already been used by someone else before.

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