How To Build a Tiny Greenhouse

How To Build a Tiny Greenhouse

A little bit of planning and creativity is all you need to build a small greenhouse for your home. You can build it by using simple materials like wood, plastic, or aluminum. This mini greenhouse can be used to grow different types of plants and vegetables. So, let’s get started!

The first step is preparing the base for the mini greenhouse. Take a wooden frame and nail it on the ground with its legs open like an X shape. The next step is adding legs to the wooden frame so that it can stand upright in an even manner. You will need two pieces of wood to add legs to this frame.

Next, attach one piece at the bottom end of the wooden frame with nails and screws. Then, attach another piece on top of this first piece at 90 degrees. Now, put some wheels on each leg of this structure so that you can easily move it around your garden without lifting.

To make a raised bed, you will need to dig a square-shaped hole and then put some stones in it. You can also add a little bit of soil to this hole if you want. The next step is to place the wooden frame on top of this raised bed.

After placing the wooden frame on top of the raised bed, you can fill up the gaps between the wood and the raised bed with some soil. Then, fill up the remaining space with soil. Place some plastic sheeting over this raised bed so that it will not get wet when it rains or snows.

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After that, let’s build walls for your mini greenhouse. First, you need to make an outline of your mini greenhouse on one side of your wooden frame and then use it as a guide to building walls around it.

You can use wood pieces or aluminum sheets to build these walls and make sure that they are about 2 feet tall from the ground level. You should have enough space between these walls so that you can easily work inside your mini greenhouse.

The next step is to cover the top of these walls with plastic sheeting. You can use some tape to seal the edges of this plastic sheeting and make sure that it is water-proof. You can also add some extra support to the walls by attaching some wooden sticks between these walls. This will make your mini greenhouse sturdy and strong.

Next is building a roof for your mini greenhouse. To do this, you will need to use aluminum sheets for this purpose and place them over the top of your walls in such a way that they overlap each other at least 2 inches.

You can also place some pieces of wood on top of these aluminum sheets to give them extra support.

After placing these aluminum sheets on top of your walls, you should seal their edges with duct tape so that they do not get damaged when it rains or snows outside. Now, we are done with building our mini-greenhouse!

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