The stunning world of Modern Tiny Homes

The stunning world of Modern Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you need to give up on having stunning aesthetics. Many tiny homes these days are looking more modern than ever. Given the smaller square footage in a tiny house, you’ll be able to comfortably spend on material and design that are of higher quality without breaking the bank.

Modern tiny homes tend to have better appliances, as well as high-quality fittings and furnishings. There are tiny home companies that offer builds and plans that implement premium materials for luxurious living. Most importantly, modern tiny homes are about sustainability, affordability and energy efficiency.

The modern look and feel may not be for everybody, but if you’re leaning towards it, keep reading for all you need to know about modern tiny homes.

What’s a Modern Tiny Home?


Modern tiny homes are easily recognizable from its often sleek and clean design. It also features very prominent materials such as glass, concrete, brick or wood. Combinations of these can provide an industrial look that are very popular in tiny homes. Large windows are also a distinct feature in modern tiny houses, as it allows plenty of natural light to filter through, creating a bigger sense of space.

Beyond its looks, their design is clever – it uses space efficiently and implements smart, functional elements. Apart from creating smart storage spaces and other interior details, modern tiny homes will also use green building materials wherever possible. In addition to providing a healthier home, its also done for the purpose of sustainability.

Benefits of a Modern Tiny Home

While regular modern homes also implement similar features, a tiny modern house can do it better. Read on below for the benefits of living in a modern tiny home.

  • Eco-friendly. Many tiny house companies use environmentally-friendly building materials when constructing their houses. It could be recycled, repurposed or even refurbished materials. Materials with hardly any out-gassing makes for a healthier home, too.
  • Energy efficient. Modern tiny homes are also about energy efficiency, which can be seen in its use of solar powered utilities. In general, tiny homes are the perfect type of house for going off the grid, making modern homes the ultimate sustainable dwelling.
  • Easy to assemble. In a matter of weeks, you’re able to live in your modern tiny home, thanks to most of them being prefabricated. Their simple designs means that it can be built off-site in a factory, rather than on-site, which can take months to build.
  • Lower costs. In general, tiny homes are less costly to build than a traditional home. Dwellings that are prefabricated are even more affordable to have, and since most modern tiny homes are ready-to-assemble, this makes it the suitable option for first-home or low-income buyers.
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Where to get a Modern Tiny Home

Many tiny home companies cater to the modern look, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. Below are a few tiny home manufacturers that can help you achieve the modern tiny home of your dreams. Whether you’re looking at a custom build or turnkey solution, there’s one that’s bound to fit your needs.

Tru Form Tiny

The minds behind Tru Form Tiny have been in the residential home building for over 50 years, which shows you an idea of the quality of their tiny homes. They specialize in RV tiny homes that are complete with the modern look. The Oregon-based company is RVIA and NADA listed, and uses licensed plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians for all their builds.

Their Verve Lux model has all the things you could really ever need in a tiny home on wheels. For a starting price of $55,900, the Verve Lux features a large bathroom, a fold down deck, detachable awning, and a larger kitchen. Other cool features include a pull-out L-shaped couch and a platform bed with hydraulic lift for plenty of under-mattress storage.




Can you get high-design homes in a small amount of space? LandArk says you certainly can. Their RVs give you the ultimate luxury feel, complete with all home essentials inside a cozy and curated design. The RV-sized homes also give you complete freedom in taking it wherever you please.

One of their only two models, Draper, has a mid-century modern design that looks like an art installation with it’s a-symmetrical roofing. You’ll be cocooned in warmth thanks to its use of interior wood paneling, while the matte black finishes add to that deluxe feel. With all its inclusions, Draper can be yours at $154,900.

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New Frontier Design

Ever wondered what a world class architecturally-designed tiny home would look like? New Frontier Design has lent their design skills to brands for creating pop ups, activations, and other experiential projects. When it comes to residential homes, they have four standard models all of which have the modern take.

Using premium materials, you can live luxuriously in a tiny space. Think LED strip lighting for ambient mood lights, state-of-the-art glass doors and rain screens. If you want to live off the grid, New Frontier Design offers a package that includes solar panels and composting toilets. Their smaller model, Luna, starts at $75,000, while a more spacious Escher can cost you $180,000.




Apart from the name of a style movement, Minimalist is also a tiny home company that builds modern and minimalistic-looking houses. They pride themselves in designing and creating tiny homes on wheels that are built to last for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint. Their expansive repertoire ranges from $85,000 to $160,000 CAD and is all customizable to suit to your needs.

Most of its models uses a mix of steel and cedar to give them a timeless look, which is a testament to one of the company’s goals of providing a modern design in all their tiny houses. Take Laurie – living in this one will have you enveloped in pure wooden luxury. Its other features, including the complementary white walls and kitchen cabinets, also add to the aesthetics and functionality of this ultra-luxe tiny home.

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