8 Tiny House Furniture Hacks That Will Save You Space

8 Tiny House Furniture Hacks That Will Save You Space

8 Tiny House Furniture Hacks That Will Save You Space

Tiny houses are great, but they do require more thought when it comes to furniture. Standard furniture may be too bulky for tiny homes, or it may not look right. If you are having trouble decorating your tiny house, here are eight furniture hacks that will save you space!

#1: Utilize space under stairs with shelves & drawers

Having enough storage is essential in a tiny home. Utilizing the space where your stairs are (if you have a two-story tiny home) can help increase your storage greatly and help you save space. This is a great place to store extra clothes, bedding, decorations, and anything you need. Contact a professional if you need help building this storage in your home.

#2: Multipurpose furniture is best

Each piece of furniture in your tiny home should have several different functions, if possible. Most tiny homes have either a makeshift table they can pull out from a wall or coffee tables that can turn into your desk if needed, so you can easily put it away when not in use. Furniture such as ottomans and loft beds can provide extra storage. Some couches can open up for storage or even become a bed. Having items that have many different functions is a great space saver.

Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k
Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k

#3: Murphy beds aren’t just for college

Murphy beds are a great way to save space in your time house. If you do not have room for a loft, you can install a Murphy bed so you can put your bed away whenever it is not in use. Then, when you are done sleeping, you can put your bed up and put other furniture in its place. You can buy Murphy beds from many online stores for a low price. You may need help installing one though, so be careful!

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#4: Use magnet racks

Magnet racks are great decorations that double as storage items. They can hold tools, silverware, and other little items that are metal. Magnet racks can be made out of wood or metal and can be easily installed in any part of your tiny home. You can DIY or have one professionally made. Check out some how-to articles or YouTube videos for help!

#5: Built-in shelves

You must utilize wall space in your tiny home and have as many shelves as possible. They aren’t just for decorations; you can store bins and baskets full of your belongings as well. Of course, not every wall needs to have shelves, but it is good to add them to your design plan. Or, you can buy simple ones to drill into the wall from the store. Shelves are a great way to save space and use them for all your storage needs.

#6: Rolling cabinets are for all areas

Rolling cabinets aren’t just for your kitchen! They can be used for any room in your house. Rolling cabinets are great for saving space because they can easily slide in and out of storage and be put away when no longer needed. In addition, rolling cabinets can be used as desks, counters, dining tables, and much more!

#7: Lofts are your best friend

Putting your beds/bedrooms up above will help you add more furniture to your tiny home. Adding lofts will allow for more floor space and privacy. Some tiny homes have enough space for two or three lofts. This hack will help if you have a larger family but still want to try out tiny living! Make sure your living space has high ceilings if you’re going to try this hack.

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#8: Use hanging lights

Floor lamps take up more space than you think. In a tiny home, you need all the space you can get. Floor lamps are not necessary when you have hanging lights in your home. You must utilize ceiling, hanging, and wall lights as much as possible. These lights are often cheaper anyways and just as stylish!


Use these eight tiny house furniture hacks when you need to save space! Tiny houses are still trending right now, so these items should be readily available. Do you have any hacks you use to save space?

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