Top 6 Tuff Shed Cabin Shells & Why You Should Get One

Top 6 Tuff Shed Cabin Shells & Why You Should Get One

If you’ve never heard of Tuff Shed, it may change the way you think of housing completely. Compact, yet tough, these small sheds are very versatile to suit many different needs. From a tiny livable cabin to storage and garage usage, you can find a Tuff Shed that meets your requirements.

Apart from its many uses, Tuff Shed’s cabins are also affordable and have a significantly less ecological footprint. There are other benefits that come with living smaller with a Tuff She, which we’ll uncover further.

Intrigued to know more about these amazing cabin shells? We’ll break down the benefits plus the most popular Tuff Shed cabin shells to get.

What’s a Tuff Shed?

For almost 35 years, Tuff Shed has been offering its range of sheds, garages, and custom models. Their expansive cabin shell lineup has only been introduced recently, but it has garnered the most popularity.

With a mission to developing quality sheds and other backyard structures, the brand has also been modeling cabins since they opened up shop. However, the new cabin shells are also available with standardized layouts at much more competitive prices. The flexibility and various options make it very accessible to have the cabin that you want.

The Tuff Shed cabin shells also include interior floor plans sans the interior finishing, which is similar to what you would receive from traditional homebuilders. Additionally, the crew at Tuff Shed will also help plan a building layout by offering the wall framing for the interior. While this has to be finished by either the buyer or a professional contractor, this method allows Tuff Shed to keep their cabin shell prices low.

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Why a Tuff Shed Could Be For You

It’s no secret that more people are picking up the tiny house movement and Tuff Shed is getting in on the trend. Many have utilized their cabin shells as a tiny home, completely fitted out for a comfortable living space. Tuff Shed’s cabin shells are the perfect size for those looking to live a simpler life, with some models offering two stories. Apart from downsizing, there are plenty of other reasons as to why someone would want to live in a tiny home. Here are the top 4 reasons for buying a Tuff Shed cabin to live in.

1.     Simpler Lifestyle

Downsizing your lifestyle has become a growing trend, with many choosing to live in tiny homes in the country. Moving into a smaller home forces you to reduce your belongings – and ultimately, clutter – and prioritizes what is most important to you. In addition to limiting material goods, you’ll also be prioritizing what space is most important to you. In a small home, each room has a purpose that you’ll have to make the most out of.

2.     Build More Room

Sometimes you don’t have to move out into the woods and be one with nature to live in a Tuff Shed cabin. Many have purchased a cabin to set up in their current home lot. The petite size is suitable to add to your backyard for additional space, whether it be a guest house, office space, or workshop studio.

3.     Minimizing Costs

A smaller home will often equal a smaller utility bill, maintenance upkeep, and overall building budget. Housing is not cheap, with traditional homes being too expensive for many to afford, and tiny homes offer the perfect solution to first homebuyers. With less square footage to cover, electricity and other vital bills will be significantly reduced.

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4.     Eco-Friendliness

Tiny homes are known to produce a smaller ecological footprint, making them much better for the environment compared to conventional houses. As its smaller in size, you’ll be using less building materials and less energy to power the home. If you choose to be self-sustaining, tiny homes and Tuff Shed cabins can be accommodating to that.

5.     Guarantee & After Sales Support

Each Tuff Shed build comes with warranty and guarantee that will give you a peace of mind when purchasing one. If you have any queries about your shed, there’s also an after-sales support team that you can get in touch with for a smooth building process.

What You Can Use a Tuff Shed For

Are you tempted to get a Tuff Shed, but still not exactly sure what you’ll use it for yet? It’s not only good to live in – check out these other ideas on what you can use a Tuff Shed for.

1.     Garage

Tuff Shed’s original sheds were originally designed to be used as garages and storage sheds in mind. With sheds of varying sizes, it would be easy to find one that can house your car and other belongings.

2.     Storage

If you find that you’ve got no more space in the house for your things, consider getting a Tuff Shed in your backyard. You can fit it out with many shelves and cabinets to store your things without clogging up the main house.

3.     Home Office

Are you finding it hard to concentrate in the house? A Tuff Shed would make a great home office. By having it in your backyard, you’ll feel as if the space was meant just for you and your work with no distractions.

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4.     Pool House/Granny Flat

A smaller model from Tuff Shed’s collection makes for a suitable pool house or granny flat. This is a good option if you have guests over frequently or if a family member is moving in with you that needs their own space.

5.     Workshop/Gym

Do you do work that requires extra space? A Tuff Shed can be your sanctuary to do all sorts of creative work or spend time building up your skills and hobbies. This additional space would also work well as a gym space, if your current home is lacking the room.

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