6 Best Deep Bathtubs for Extra Deep Soaking

6 Best Deep Bathtubs for Extra Deep Soaking

To come home to a nice bath after a long day is one of the most enjoyable simple pleasures. It’s a constant that will always provide you with warmth and relaxation no matter the day or time.

If you’re looking to add a bathtub to your bathroom, below is a list of some of the best deep bathtubs for extra deep soaking.

What Makes Deep Bathtubs Different?

Unlike regular bathtubs, deep soaking bathtubs are generally longer and deeper. This extra length and space is designed to accommodate taller adults. Certain deep soaking bathtubs also include fancy additions like whirlpools for a good massage. Other tubs are different due to its aesthetics by using porcelain or steel.

What Should You Look for in a Tub?

Generally, bathtubs are made in an average size to fit regular-sized bathrooms. However, it also comes in various shapes to accommodate bath enthusiasts of all kinds.

Apart from the obvious choices of aesthetics, you can choose a bathtub based on its materials, as well as optional extras like water jets. Weight can also play an important role, especially for those living on storied floors. Finding your perfect bathtub solely depends on your needs, preferences, and budget.

The Best Deep Soaking Bathtubs

Kohler – Archer Deep Soaker

Ever wondered what it feels like to have a tub that will fit you like a glove? Kohler’s Archer Soaker is designed with lumbar arches, which allows the tub to fit seamlessly against your body’s natural figure. The tub is measured at 19” high, 32” wide, and 60” long, making it suitable for most people. Even taller adults can still rest easily in this deep soaker.

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Apart from this, the Archer Soaker also comes with a lower wall that you can step over. This little detail makes all the difference for kids and the elderly. You can also add other extras for a small cost, such as an overflow attachment. This adds a bit of height, as well as helping no water make its way out of the tub.

American Standard – Colony Whirlpool Tub

Sitting at five feet long is the Colony Whirlpool Tub from American Standard. This tub is built from acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass. If you were worried about an easily breakable tub, then you’ll be reassured.

The Colony Whirlpool can also withstand six jets and a 1.25 horsepower motor. This powerful addition is sure to deliver a relaxing massage without you having to leave your own home. Unfortunately, the drain is not included in this Kohler tub, but you’ll definitely be getting other benefits.

Bootz Industries – Aloha Soaking Tub in White

Not looking to splurge on a tub? You can get a super comfortable one for less from Bootz Industries. Their Aloha Soaking Tub is a full-length soaking tub, measuring at a 60” for the tallest of adults.

The tub is also made with both porcelain tile and steel for a sturdy build. There is also a high gloss porcelain finish that is resistant to abrasion, burns, and discoloration.

Kingston – Aqua Eden Tub

For a full immersion feel, the Aqua Eden Tub is the way to go. To give you a better submersion and insulation, it slopes 64º at the back and 83º at the front. This means you can have a long soak without feeling uncomfortable.

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The tub can easily hold between 58.2 and 63.3 gallons, which depends on your body mass. To reduce spillage, the Aqua Eden has pre-drilled overflow holes to reduce spillage, as well as an overflow height of 15 inches.

In terms of material, the tub is made up of fiberglass, resin, and acrylic. Thanks to the use of resin, the pores in the fiberglass are sealed to add shine, giving the tub a more luxurious feel. Even though the tub is of mixed media construction, it only weighs 95 pounds. Weighing significantly less than cast iron, the Aqua Eden is a safer choice for bathrooms on upper floors.

Empava – Acrylic Freestanding Hydrotherapy Bathtub

A statement piece in itself, the Empava Acrylic Freestanding Hydrotherapy Bathtub is a work of art in your very own bathroom. For its price tag, it’s a reasonably-priced addition that lifts your bathroom into a more luxurious space. It’s not your ordinary tub, either. The Empava tub has a half horsepower air pin hole jets for air bubbles, providing a soothing low-pressure massage.

Other features include an integrated seat, which fits the average adult. The seat allows you to sit while being submerged up to your shoulders to ensure a snug, extended soak in the 48” tub.

Looking for durability? Made with glossy white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, this tub can last you a long time. Its contemporary design is also a silhouette that will outlast the ages. The freestanding oval Japanese design combined with the defined lines make it suitable for small bathrooms.


Baths of Distinction – 59″ Clawfoot Soaking Tub

You can’t go wrong with a timeless design. The clawfoot design is a classic for a reason and this tub from Baths of Distinction pairs the iconic claw feet with modern features. The updated take includes CoreAcryl, a double-walled design, as well as high-quality finishes.

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Expect to have your bath at the temperature of your desire for as long as you want, due to the double-wall design, which retains heat effectively. To keep the heat in, the tub’s barrier is made up of aluminum. More specifically, it can retain around six degrees more than a cast iron tub! While it can keep your bath warmer for long, the added material doesn’t pile on a significant amount of weight – the unit weighs around 144 pounds when empty.

Despite its glossy interior and exterior, the floor of the tub is fully slip-resistant. Worry less about potentially slipping downwards into the tub, and focus more on relaxing.

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