Best Log Cabin Kits for Your Family’s Summers

Best Log Cabin Kits for Your Family’s Summers

Log Cabin Kits include all the logs and raw materials that one can use to build a log cabin home. They can have different materials for log walls, log roofs, and log windows. They also contain the materials necessary for creating the foundation, flooring, interior, and more parts of the house.

Log Cabin Kits are perfect for people who love log cabins and wish to enjoy their summers steeped in nature. Here are the best log cabin kit providers.

Frontier Log Homes

Frontier Log Homes appear on the top of the list for the best log cabin kits for your summers. In their kits, lots of things are included. They will design the house after consulting with you and provide drafts of the home, which you will then use to build it. The draft you get will include the floor plans and the drafts for any architectural work necessary. 

Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k
Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k

A log cabin kit from Frontier Log Homes includes hand-cut logs that are peeled and ready to use. They also provide the service of delivering the logs to the construction site where your home will be built. Their team can also assemble the logs into a beautiful cabin, thus providing you with full service.

South Land Log Homes

For people who like to live close to nature, log cabin kits are a fantastic option. South Land Log Homes provide the best log cabin kits for families. They provide two options, letting you choose the one that suits you best. They provide interior stud framing, two-panel fiberglass doors, interior stud framing, and foundation logs but don’t provide the material for the internal ceiling of the roofs. They deliver all the material at the site, and, if you ask them, will also assemble the kit for you.

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Merrimac Log Homes

Merrimac Log Homes provide multiple options for their log cabin kits, including ready-to-assemble, design-your-log, and get-logs-from-the-mill. In their ready-to-assemble option, you get a draft of the cabin and all the essentials needed to build a log cabin. With their design-your-log service, you get a material kit from them, and you can then design and build the cabin of your choice. In the last category, they only provide logs for the cabin, which you can then assemble any way that you like. One good thing is that they provide delivery service, saving you the hustle of getting them on your own.

Conestoga Log Cabins

One of the best things about this company is that it provides logs for large cabins, along with all the necessary equipment. While some cabin kits from other companies include limited equipment, Conestoga gets you the kit according to your requirements. That is why they are highly rated and often considered one of the best. They also provide the service of delivering the equipment at the construction site.

Wrapping It Up

These were some of the best companies providing log cabin kits for families that you can get for your summers. They all provide the service of delivering the equipment at the construction site and offer excellent customer service. 

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