Cooking Outdoors- The 10 Best Small Wood Stoves

Cooking Outdoors: The 10 Best Small Wood Stoves

Are you going for a camping trip soon? If so, you may be in the market for a new portable camp stove. Whether you’re hiking for the day or going on a camping expedition, fueling up with a warm meal can make the trip even better. From heating up a cup of tea to barbecuing some meats, wood burning stoves are essential to cooking anything outdoors. They’re also good for when you’re off the grid, as these stoves can work on natural fuel sources like wood, branches, and biomass.

There are a few factors to look out for when buying a wood burning stove, such as size, portability and design. Read on for the top 10 small wood stoves on Amazon to find one that suits your needs.

Top 10 Small Wood Stoves

Fltom – Portable Wood Burning Camp Tent Stove


This portable wood burning stove was designed to be used for all sorts of cooking needs, thanks to its versatile flat top surface. If you’re not using to cook, the stove can quickly reach high temperature to act as a heater for cold camping nights. You won’t even need to bring a fuel source – this stove runs on natural sources like firewood, twigs, and wood chips. This stove can be a permanent fixture in your backyard or to bring on camping trips, as it’s easily detachable.

Ohuhu – Camping Stove Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove with Grill Grid


Do you have a variety of pots and pans? The stainless-steel camping stove from Ohuhu accommodates to a wide compatibility. Due to its sizeable cooking surface, you can put any pot or pan of any size. Focus more on the cooking and less on the mess, as this stove comes with an adjustable ash catcher underneath. In terms of heat, you can adjust it to two easy levels: intense heat for grilling or lighter heat for warming up food. Comfortably take this stove with you outdoors, with its lightweight and easy-to-assemble design. Measuring at 5.3 by 6.1 inches, this stove is super compact and budget-friendly for only $18.99.

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US Stove – Log Wood Cast Iron Stove


For a very rustic yet robust looking stove, check out this one from US Stove. The Log Wood Cast Iron Stove has an integrated 6.25-inch cooking surface on top. Inside is a modern 2020 EPA certified wood-burning stove that provides a clean burning and heating solution. For added safety, the stove is designed with a 2-piece safety handle that remains cool when the stove is burning.

Lixada – Folding Wood Stove & Grill with BBQ Grill Storage Bag


A must-have for serious backpackers and campers, the Lixada Folding Wood Stove is perfect for any outdoor occasion. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this stove and grill is bound to cook and heat things evenly. Think barbeque, boil, or just simply heating up a cup of coffee or tea. It’s also easy to install and light enough to be taken everywhere, as it weighs only 1.3 pounds. If you can’t find any dry hardwoods to fuel the stove up, you can even use dry branches, pine cones, or leaves. Also included in the pack is a storage bag for easy packing!

TMS – Portable Military Camping Wood Stove


A heavy duty, no frills wood stove, this one from TMS is a suitable accompaniment to outdoor trips or a permanent fixture in your backyard. The portable military camping wood stove comes with four extendable pipes that interlock for better exhaust. Another beneficial design feature is a top grate that doubles as a carrying handle when the stove is not in use. When you’re not using it to cook, you can even rotate the cooktop outward to dry wet socks or gloves during a camping trip. Cleaning isn’t usually a fun chore, but the easy access bottom of the stove makes it easier to clean the ash.

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REDCAMP – Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove


Easy to bring and to pack, this stove from RedCamp will have you cooking cozy meals outdoors. Although slightly larger in size and weight compared to more backpack-friendly stoves, this one has the space to cook for a few more people. It’s stable and safe, with the grid backing plate being connected to the stove to avoid it from falling during use. You won’t have to buy a separate bag for the stove, as this one comes with its own carry bag that you can sling around your shoulders. RedCamp also offers buyers a 360-day manufacturer warranty with 100% of your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

VidaLibre – Portable Outdoor Wood Burning Folding Camp Stove for Camping


Have home-cooked meals from the comfort of your camp with this stove from VidaLibre. While it’s portable, this stove can prepare a hot meal for up to 10 people. Just like a regular kitchen, you can cook, fry, and simmer with this wood burning stove. However, unlike traditional stoves at home, you can use almost any kind of fuel to power this up, including wood, biomass, charcoal or dry alcohol. The VidaLibre stove has a chimney to ensure the smoke moves upwards and away from you and your food. Regardless, you can use this stove in any weather and any place. Space is also something you don’t need to worry about, as this stove comes with its own carrying bag.

OAKVUE – Ultralight Foldable Camping Stove


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A camping stove is an essential tool for outdoor activities and Oakvue’s Ultralight Foldable Camping Stove could be your new favorite accessory. It’s lightweight and easy-to-assemble – all you need is to find wood to burn it. With pure stainless steel, the stove is durable and highly resistant to fire and bad weather conditions. Thanks to its quality design, you can enjoy a warm meal anytime in nature. Weighing at just over one pound, this stove can also be folded to save space in your backpack. In addition to the actual stove, you’ll also receive some bonus accessories, including a collapsible fire bellow and a telescopic fire tub igniter.

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