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How To Choose Tiny House Appliances

The tiny home movement is a craze that has been rapidly gaining attention for the past several years. Homeowners from all walks of life are sensing the appeal of a more minimal lifestyle. Where home buying was once a chance to find every last dream detail you could ever imagine, now homeowners are finding themselves getting rid of luxuries. In exchange, they are getting a much simpler, and stress-free home-owning experience.

tiny house appliances

You may ask yourself, what is the appeal of tiny homes in general? Well, the answer to that highly depends on the individual. However, many homeowners say there is a lot to like about tiny home living. Tiny homes are much more cost-friendly. In fact, you can get some tiny homes for as little as $10,000 depending on your needs and desires.

In addition, tiny homes allow their owners to shed all of the unnecessary things they have allowed to pile up over the years. Sure, letting go of some things can be a little tough. But most admit that the vast majority of the things they were holding on to, they never would have used again anyway. Buying a tiny home allows the owners to really examine what is important and necessary in life, and stick to the basics.

While the benefits of tiny homes can be diverse, and widespread. You may find yourself wondering, how do you do it? How do you choose the right appliances, furniture, and a floor plan that will best fit all of your home needs? Being a tiny cabin owner will require you to be a bit creative with how you utilize space efficiently. But luckily, there are plenty of online retailers who sell appliances designed with the tiny home in mind!

Let’s take a look at some great tiny home appliances that you can find online today to spark your imagination for your very own tiny home!

First, let’s take a look at the kitchen

The kitchen might be the most hectic part of many homes, no matter their size. Finding the right amount of storage for cleaning, cooking, countertop space, and dishes can be a headache in a normal-sized home let alone a tiny one. Here are just a few ideas for appliances that would work well in a tiny home kitchen, and give you some ideas about how tiny cabin owners choose to organize their kitchen space.

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hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher

homelabs tiny home appliances

The dishwasher can be a huge point of focus for any homeowner. In this busy day and age, for a lot of people taking the time to hand wash every single dish, is too much. These little dishwashers offer a lot of appeal in the way of portability, eco-efficiency, and price point. These compact dishwashers connect easily to any standard sized faucet and aren’t much bigger than a microwave.

These compact dishwashers allow you to really get creative in placement as well. With most of them being able to fit inside a standard-sized cabinet. They are easily moved, and very lightweight. Ensuring that you can move these compact washers around from storage to countertop whenever you need them. Or simply leave them in a single space, they don’t take up much room!


Nostalgia 3-1 Family Size Breakfast Station

nostalgia tiny house appliances

Cooking a hearty meal for your family can be somewhat of a stress-inducing event, rather than a fun family activity. Managing multiple pots and pans, keeping an eye on the plethora of things you have cooking at once. Accidentally burning the toast! The horror!

Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit. But when it comes to tiny home living, having a totally efficient cooking station is a must if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy. That’s why micro cooking stations like the 3-1 Nostalgia is a favorite solution among tiny home owners. Now you can brew your coffee, cook the eggs, and make the toast all at the same time, with the same appliance.

Ruvati Workstation Bar and Sink

tiny house appliances

Ample counter space is absolutely crucial to headache-free tiny home living. You want to make sure you have plenty of room to work as you are cooking, preparing, and eating your meals. As such, making sure that not a single inch of space is wasted is going to be your ultimate goal.

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The Ruvati Workstation Bar and Sink does just that. It offers tiny cabin owners a clever way of converting your sink area into counter space seamlessly. This allows you to make use of your entire countertop for cutting, preparing and maneuvering when your sink is not in use. In
addition, when you decide that you do want to use the sink, it’s as simple as lifting the countertop, and washing!

Follow the link for more information on the Ruvati Workstation Bar and Sink.

Now, let’s take a look at the bathroom

There is not a lot of room for error in a tiny home bathroom. You need to be able to take care of life’s most delicate operations, in a very confined space. Even more, it should be comfortable!

No one wants to join the tiny home movement if the cost is taking hot bucket showers outside, or washing your clothes in the river like Little House on the Prairie.

That’s why having the best appliances for your bathroom is a must for tiny home owners. Appliances that make use of the space, and can be stored and maneuvered freely to allow for a more fluid lifestyle are essential. Here are just a couple of ideas for bathroom appliances that will give you a better idea of how to best utilize the space in your tiny home bathroom.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine

These mini washing machines are perfect for any tiny living space. From the college dorm room to camper RV. That means they are also perfect for a tiny cabin. They are great on energy saving, eco-friendly, and can be easily stored in a closet or off to the side until you need them.

You simply fill them with water, and allow them to wash. This model also has a second barrel for a spin cycle so you won’t be dealing with any dripping wet clothes. These washing machines simply hook up to your bathtub or shower connections. They can finish a load in as little as 15 minutes. Then you can simply move them out of the way when you are done!

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Tiny home living is all about being flexible, and fluid with your appliance solutions. This portable mini washing machine does that perfectly.

Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

Tiny homes face a very unique issue that much larger homes do not. The issues of piping, and sewage. Where do you drain and off run all of your waste when your home is so tiny?

While it can be done, a lot of tiny cabin owners simply prefer more cost effective methods. Dry composting toilets allow you to save on plumbing costs and maintenance. They lock in any undesirable odors, and allow for easy disposal of waste when you are done. All for a low cost, and ease of installation.

That’s what makes dry composting toilets so appealing to homeowners. Not to mention, they’re better for the environment and easier on your utility bills!

What’s not to like?

So, what else should you know?

These are just a few examples of how tiny home owners across the country are finding ways to cut costs and save on space. Ultimately your tiny home is your own, and how you choose to furnish and utilize it is up to you. I hope that in this article you were able to get some clever ideas on how to better utilize your tiny home space and make your life that much easier.

Tiny home living can be extremely rewarding, and offer families a lot of unique benefits in the way of saving money, growing closer together, and cutting back on unnecessary things. If that sounds great to you, then dive in and join the tiny home movement!

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