Building a Tiny House In Colorado

Building a Tiny House In Colorado

There are many reasons to want to live in a tiny house. You may be fed up with the mortgage payments on your current home. Or maybe you’re looking for a more simple life, with less responsibility.

Whatever your reason, it’s possible to live in a tiny house in Colorado. But you have to plan carefully.

Before you can build a tiny house, you need to decide what type of building structure will work best for you.

You can buy pre-made tiny houses and have them delivered to your property, but this option is expensive and time-consuming because there are so few companies who do this type of work and it’s hard to find out about them unless you know someone who has used one of these companies before.

Building from scratch is another option, but it requires much more time and skill than buying one already made. In fact, most people who start from scratch usually abandon their project before they finish it because they underestimate how much time and money is required to complete the job.

The most practical option is to build a tiny house from the ground up, using a pre-made trailer as your base structure. This way, you can save money and avoid unnecessary stress.

But there are many different types of trailers that may not be suitable for building a tiny house. So you have to be careful when choosing one for your project.

The following list contains the most important factors you should consider when looking for the right trailer:

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The longer the trailer is, the more space it will have inside it. But keep in mind that length is not everything when it comes to choosing a trailer. If you plan on using an RV as your base structure, make sure it’s at least 20 feet long because this length is required by most states to get a legal license for it.


The wider the trailer is, the more comfortable it will be to live in. But you need to make sure that your tiny house will still fit on your property if you choose a wide trailer because many cities have strict zoning laws that prevent people from building houses that are too wide or too tall.


Make sure the trailer is in good condition before buying it because tiny houses are very difficult and expensive to fix if something goes wrong with them after they’re built. So avoid buying any trailers with holes or rusting metal.


Tiny houses can be extremely uncomfortable to live in if they don’t have the right amenities, such as a toilet, shower, and bed. Make sure your trailer has these things so you can have a comfortable living space.

If you find a trailer that meets all of these requirements, then you can move on to the next step of your project – building a tiny house from scratch.

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