Building a Tiny House In Georgia

Building a Tiny House In Georgia

While a tiny house is a dream for many, it is something that is hard to come by in the state of Georgia. Most people have no idea how to go about building one and therefore are discouraged from even trying. However, there are actually many tiny houses in Georgia, including the one you will be learning about today.

Some people built their tiny houses as a result of necessity and it took them just under 6 months to complete. This was despite the fact that they did not have any prior experience building anything like this before. They also live in Georgia where the winters can be pretty brutal, so it had to be built with those conditions in mind.

This means there are some troubles you gotta face to build a tiny house in Georgia and you will learn about them as you read through this article.

Some counties require you to submit your blueprints and have them approved before you can begin construction. Others will force you to get a permit for any work done on your property.

They even charge you for this service and it can be as much as $500 per permit! That can really add up when trying to build your tiny house.

But that is not all! In order for you to get a permit, you will need someone from the county to come out and inspect your property after each phase of construction has been completed. This means that every time you want to build something new, you will have someone else telling you what you can and cannot do on your own property!

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That is no way for anyone who is trying to build their own tiny house to be treated. However, there are some things that you can do to avoid having to deal with all of this bureaucracy.

First, if you are planning to build a tiny house in Georgia, you will need to obey the building code. By building a small house, you will need to have a foundation, which is not always ideal. The size of the area that you are allowed to use does not exceed 350 square feet, and the height of the area that you are permitted to use does not exceed 12 feet.

That is a huge contrast when compared to most tiny houses out there and it means that your home will be much smaller than what you are used to. The good news is that this will help keep the cost down, which is important when trying to build a tiny house on a budget.

This also allows you to spend more money on the interior of your home and less on unnecessary things like expensive foundation materials.

That can help keep the cost down, which will make it easier for you to build your own tiny house without having to get an expensive loan or using credit cards.

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