Easy Space Saving DIY Projects for Tiny House

Easy Space Saving DIY Projects for Tiny House

If you own a tiny house and need to decorate or renovate it, you need to adopt some space-saving options. Of course, considering your house is already small as it is, you don’t want to make it any smaller. However, if you can’t make the house bigger, you can do some DIY home decor to make it enough – or even more spacious. Here, we’ve compiled some easy space-saving DIY projects you can carry out in your small house.

Easy Space Saving DIY Projects for Tiny House

Note that these projects will require you to purchase some things – a small price to pay to achieve more space. So, buy Dogecoin and get these items ready for some space-saving decoration.

  • Use Wall Sconces Instead

Finding alternatives to your bedside, table, and floor lamps is a good way to save space in a tiny house. So, rather than place these lamps on your table and floor, install wall sconces instead. This way, you can use the space you saved for other things, plus it makes your bedroom appear more refined.

  • Build Wall Shelves

Shelves standing on their own in a room are perfect if you have enough space. However, there isn’t much luxury in tiny house plans because shelves take up space you can use for something else. A better alternative for a tiny house is to build those shelves into the wall; you save extra floor space.

  • Improvise with Awkward Corners

No matter the size of a house, there are bound to be some awkward corners; you can use that space for something. For instance, if there’s an awkward corner by the fireplace in your living room, you can install a custom upholstered bench there. In addition, you’ll be creating extra seating for when you have guests, ensuring no space is left unused.

  • Leave Out Bathroom Doors
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If you want the bathroom in your tiny house to feel bigger, consider leaving out bathroom doors. Instead, install a transparent glass slab; this prevents water from splashing and makes your bathroom feel bigger. Additionally, consider using the same floor tiles you used in the bedroom for the bathroom to ensure seamless blending.

  • Wall-Mount Your Cookware

Rather than arrange your cookware in the kitchen cabinet, install wall-mounted storage instead and hang them on it. You will save a ton of space this way, giving your kitchen space a neater, more polished appearance. In addition, you can use the space saved for something else you can’t hang or store inside the cabinet.

  • No Free Spaces

Considering the shortage of space in your tiny house interior, you want to ensure there are no free, unused spaces. Instead, use up every little space in the house to use the more spacious spaces for major needs. For example, the awkward but free space under the stairs can be an ideal spot for an extra powder room.

  • Take Advantage of Cabinet Spaces

Rather than store your things on your countertops, install sliding drawers within your cabinets. You can store a few essentials inside the drawers, like a wine collection and cooking essentials. Your trashcan and appliances can also conveniently stay there, making your room tidier while hiding your garbage.

  • Pull-Out Tray Tables Can Be Beneficial

Pull-out tray tables are especially great if you work from home, but you can’t carve out an office from your house. Instead, you can install a sliding table somewhere in the house, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Then, slide a chair close when you need to work and return it when you’re done.

  • Install Window Seats
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If your living room is too small for a large sofa, consider adding a window seat. This will provide sitting space for the house while helping you save space. Also, consider installing bay windows in your house; you can build them into almost any space, and they are great for storing things out of sight.

  • Hang Your Shoes

Shoe racks take up much space, which is more space than you can afford if you have a tiny house. A great home improvement hack is installing shoe storage for your shoe collections instead.

There are many great ideas for easy space-saving DIY projects to make your tiny house appear bigger. You can check on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms if you want more ideas. Thanks to the lockdown, people have resorted to DIY projects, and they share them with others; you can find many on YouTube.

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