What you must know shopping for Humble Homes Tiny House Plans


Humble Homes Tiny House Company is a company that specializes in tiny house designs. The company is among the most popular companies in the relatively new tiny house industry. Humble Homes focuses on designing small spaces and tiny RV homes which are 500 square feet or less in size. The company offers small house plans, custom plans as well as illustrated construction guides. Humble Homes was started in 2012 with the sole purpose of making house plans extremely professional and high quality but affordable. The company also strives to offer the latest news relating to the small house movement as well as sustainability through their blog. The company’s blog also shares other works and information relating to small spaces.

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Humble Homes Tiny House Specifications

Humble Homes prepares very many high quality tiny house plans. Although the plans vary depending on many factors, most specifications match in regards to construction techniques and standards. Below is a brief discussion of Humble Homes tiny house plans specifications to help you know what to expect.

All Humble Homes tiny houses are made using the latest/most advanced stick framing construction techniques. Walls and roofs feature a variety of insulation options from wool to expanded polystyrene. The company also offers options such as internal vapor barriers.

Humble Homes Company also offers many external cladding options such as vinyl siding and lightweight steel panels. The company however recommends sustainable long lasting timber that has been approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The company offers a wide range of high quality doors and windows from Jeld Wen Company. The doors and windows cater to different budget ranges.

When you choose Humble Homes tiny house plans, you also get a variety of heating and ventilation options for your tiny house. Examples of heating and ventilation installations popular in Humble Homes’ tiny houses include: the Envi wall-panel heater, stainless steel fireplace as well as the Morso 1400 wood-burning stove.

Many Humble Homes’ tiny houses come with black water tanks featuring an RV-like system. The tiny homes also come with composite toilets which are specially designed to minimize their impact on the environment. Tiny home buyers however have numerous plumbing customization options to choose from.

Humble Homes tiny houses can be powered by connecting up to the main control grid. They also feature solar panels which allow clean and off-grid powering. It’s worth noting that some plans come with PV-system schematics to assist house owners along the way.

Humble Homes Company designs tiny houses with standard sizes of the components to minimize the cost and avoid lots of work you need to do to create the tiny home of your dreams. Tiny house plans come with all the fixtures and fittings you can think of and more. All main components such as kitchen stoves and sinks are included in the plans.

Humble Homes Company specifies drywall walls fully painted as the interior finish. Home owners are however, free to install any other kind of finishing they want including tiles in the kitchen and bathroom as well as timber cladding in the interior.

What’s included in full plans?

As mentioned above, Humble Homes tiny house company specializes in tiny house design plans. The company’s full plans contain the following:

  1. Permanent foundations & trailer details
  2. Annotated exterior elevations
  3. General floor and construction floor plans
  4. Plumbing schematics
  5. Rainwater harvesting schematic
  6. Solar array with grid tie schematic
  7. Construction framing plans
  8. Partition construction details
  9. Staircase construction details
  10. Porch construction details
  11. Timber cut details
  12. Custom cabinetry overview
  13. Transverse & longitudinal cross-sections
  14. General kicker-box construction details
  15. Nailing schedule
  16. Components page featuring fixtures, fittings and appliance details
  17. Construction notes/hints/tips
  18. A residential license for building one house

What’s included in the framing plan set?

Humble Homes tiny house plans also come with a framing plan set. The set contains:

  1. Permanent foundations & trailers details
  2. Construction framing plans
  3. Porch construction details
  4. Timber cut details
  5. Transverse & longitudinal cross-sections
  6. Nailing schedule
  7. Construction notes/hints/tips
  8. A residential license for building one house

Humble Homes Tiny Benefits

Before looking at Humble Homes Company’s main tiny house plans, it’s important to look at some of the main benefits of owning a tiny house.

  1. Saves you money: A typical tiny house build costs approximately $23,000 which is less than a tenth of the cost of an average house before you factor in interest payments.
  2. Sustainability benefits: Tiny houses attract many sustainability benefits given the fact that they are built with the environment in mind. Tiny houses have a significantly lower carbon footprint. They also require fewer materials to construct and run on less energy.
  3. Unmatched freedom: Tiny houses feature wheels which give you freedom to live wherever you would like.
  4. Less clutter: Tiny houses discourage accumulating of clutter. This helps you focus on having and keeping the things that really matter in your life.
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The Best Humble Homes Tiny House Plans:

Humble Homes Company has 19 tiny house plans. The main house plans i.e. the best/most popular are 3 namely:



As the name suggests, this tiny house is a version of Humble Homes’ McG Loft. The McG Loft V2 is a 24-foot tiny house with additional space allowing more functional living space.The tiny house also has a larger loft, bathroom and kitchen. The McG Loft V2 plan is specially designed for full-time living given its mid-sized appliances. Some of the most notable features of the McG Loft V2 include; a large living room which is naturally lit and well ventilated by ten windows. The tiny house also has a sleeping loft accessible via a staircase with many storage spaces and a kitchen featuring mid-size appliances including a dryer and washer. The McG Loft V2 also features a staircase that makes the tiny house more accessible. The McG Loft V2 plan costs $249.

Plan description

To get an in-depth idea of what the McG loft V2 Plan offers, below is a brief discussion about the main areas.

  1. Living room: The living room area features a cathedral ceiling and is well lit by at least 10 windows. The living room also features a staircase that offers access to the loft while improving functionality. For instance, there is ample storage space under the staircase which can also act as a bookcase.
  2. Kitchen:

The McG loft V2 kitchen features a larger stove (20-inch wide), a washer/dryer as well as a mid-size refrigerator. The kitchen also has a sink and many kitchen cabinets.

The McG loft V2 has a bathroom that is slightly bigger (measures 32 inched wide) and is conveniently accessible via a pocked door in the kitchen rear. This door has helped save a lot of space in the tiny house alongside added bathroom accessories such as a towel rack, small sink and a standard toilet.

The McG loft V2 features a naturally lit and well ventilated loft featuring two picture windows that let in more light eliminating the need for artificial lighting even during the dullest days. The sleeping loft also features ample clothing space and a queen-sized bed as well as an enclosed porch.

The McG Loft V2 is built on a 24 by 8 feet flatbed utility trailer.

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  • The McG loft V2 Tiny House
  • Description: Humble Homes McG loft V2 Main Specs
  • Footprint: 8 by 24 feet
  • Living area: 7 feet, 4 inches by 8 feet, 8 inches
  • Bathroom: 7 feet, 4 inches by 2 feet, 8 inches
  • Loft: 7 feet, 4 inches by 11 feet, 7 inches
  • Kitchen: 7 feet, 4 inches by 8 feet, 9 inches
  • House height: 11 feet
  • Ceiling height (kitchen): 6 feet, 1 inch
  • Ceiling height (loft): 3 feet, 3 inches.

The Athru is another popular tiny house by Humble Homes Company. Athru means to alter or change. The tiny house stands out for many things the most notable being the fact that the house incorporates multi-functional living space perfectly resulting in a very efficient home. For instance, the house features living space that can be easily transformed into a bedroom using a concealed pull-out bed. The lofted ceiling and sliding bathroom door also double up as a closet. The tiny house also stands out for having a large kitchen with apartment-size appliances and a breakfast bar. The Athru Tiny House plan also costs $249.


To get an in-depth idea of what to expect when you buy the Athru Tiny House Plan, below is a brief discussion about the main areas.

  1. Kitchen: The Athru Tiny house boasts of having the largest kitchen of all Humble Homes’ tiny houses. The tiny house features a full-sized sink, 20-inch wide stove, 10 cubic feet fridge freezer as well as washer/dryer options instead of a base cabinet. The Athru also has extensive storage thanks to numerous floor and wall cabinets in the kitchen. The tiny house also has a breakfast bar which doubles as additional work surface.
  2. Living room/bedroom: The Athru has a living area featuring French doors that can lead out to a deck or garden space. Athru plans cater for custom seating which including built-in storage attached to a bed frame. Shelving/storage is also provided. The stairs also roll out to offer additional storage space.
  3. Bathroom: Athru tiny house plans feature a bathroom accessible via a sliding door which also doubles as a closet. This bathroom has the space to fit a standard, compost or even a incinerating toilet, a 30 inch square shower as well as an option to install a small sink.
  4. Other plan details: The Athru tiny house also features other unique lighting designs thanks to several large double-glazed windows that offer ample natural lighting as well as unmatched insulation.
  5. Trailer: The Athru is built on a 20 by 8 feet flatbed utility trailer.
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  • The Athru Tiny House
  • Description: Humble Homes Athru Main Specs
  • Footprint: 8 by 20 feet
  • Living area: 7 feet by 8 feet, 9 inches
  • Bathroom: 7 feet by 2 feet, 6 inches
  • Bedroom: 7 feet by 8 feet, 9 inches
  • Kitchen: 7 feet by 7 feet
  • House height: 10 feet
  • Ceiling height (Living area): 9 feet
  • Ceiling height (Kitchen): 7 feet, 2 inches
  • Total area: 124 square feet

The Turtle tiny house is specially designed for people who require a little more space. The tiny house is designed with unmatched flexibility to cater to modern life demands. For instance, the tiny house features a 1st floor that can be easily transformed into a bedroom. The Turtle tiny house also features a functional kitchen with a mid-sized fridge, cook top and counter top oven not to mention the additional sleeping space (in the loft) containing an integrated ladder. Full Turtle tiny house plans cost $249.


To get an in-depth idea of what to expect when you buy the Athru Tiny House Plan, below is a brief discussion on the main areas.

  1. Living room: The Athru tiny house living area plan features two floor-to-ceiling closets which double as storage space for personal belongings i.e. books as well as storage space for larger household items. The living room also features 4 windows offering ample ventilation and natural light. There’s also space for a foldable table, two cozy armchairs as well as a stainless steel fireplace.
  2. Bedroom/study: The tiny house features a bedroom plan with a folding Murphy bed and two sliding windows that offer more lighting. The bedroom also has two large floor-to-ceiling closets offering ample storage space for clothes among other items. The ceiling is open exposing loft joists which add warmth, character and space.
  3. Kitchen: The Athru tiny house also has a functional kitchen with ample storage space, appliances as well as features like a large ceramic sink, a 10 cubic feet freezer, a induction dual burner hob, a smart oven on the countertop as well as a washer and dryer combo. The Athru Kitchen also features ample storage space thanks to numerous floor and wall cabinets.
  4. Bathroom: The 3-feet bathroom features a bi-fold door. There is enough space for a standard toilet as well as a 3 square foot shower and a small sink if required.
  5. Sleeping/storage loft: The Athru also features a sleeping/storage loft that can be used for storage or as extra sleeping space. The loft is accessible via ladders which integrate perfectly into loft joists. The loft also features a skylight window which offers ample natural day light.
  6. Trailer: The Athru tiny house is built on a 7 by 24 feet utility trailer.

Buy The Plans For The Turtle Tiny House

  • The Turtle Tiny House
  • Description: Humble Homes Turtle Main Specs
  • Footprint: 7 feet, 8 inches by 24 feet
  • Living area: 7 feet by 6 feet, 2 inches
  • Bathroom: 3 feet by 7 feet
  • Bedroom: 7 feet by 7 feet, 3 inches
  • Kitchen: 7 feet by 7 feet, 6 inches
  • House height: 11 feet, 2 inches
  • Loft height: 2 feet, 7 inches
  • Ceiling height (bedroom): 7 feet
  • Total area: 230 square feet
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More Humble Homes tiny house plans

Other Humble Homes Company tiny house plans include:

The McG Loft which features a staircase and measures 178 square feet, the Berneil + porch which is specifically built for ample storage space (measures 191 square feet), the BRV1 which features a bedroom and measures 209 square feet, the JS Bell which features 5 living spaces and measures 125 square feet, the Humblebee + porch which features a 100 square feet porch and measures 226 square feet, the Nook which features a scissor staircase and measures 119 square feet, the Rooke + Porch which features a solar design and measures 216 square feet and last but not least, the BRV2 which also has 5 living spaces (like the JS Bell) and measures 235 square feet.

Buying Humble Homes tiny house plans:

The payment process:

Humble Homes Company accepts PayPal payments for online transactions. PayPal is the preferred online payment method because it has been tested and proven to be fast, safe, secure and convenient.

Return policy: What happens if you buy a plan that you don’t find useful?

Humble Homes offers a limited warranty with every plan applicable to printed plans only.  Although it is highly unlikely that you will buy a plan from Humble Homes that isn’t useful, you can always return a plan and get a refund if you meet refund policy requirements i.e. you have bought printed plan.

Why buy humble homes tiny house plans? (Top pros)

There are many reasons why you should consider buying Humble Homes tiny house plans. The most notable reasons include:

  1. Plans are prepared by a highly skilled and experienced structural engineer: All Humble Homes plans are designed by the company’s very own structural engineering with years of experience in structural design.
  2. Affordable high quality plans: Humble Homes are also high quality but surprisingly affordable at just $249 for the most popular plans. This is a fraction of the cost it takes to buy similar plans available today.
  3. Instantly downloadable plans: You should also consider buying Humble Homes tiny house plans because you get instant access online when you pay for the plans. The plans are downloadable instantly.
  4. Free support and updates: The plans also come with free customer support as well as updates to ensure you see your tiny house come to life. Humble Homes will assist you every step of the way at no extra cost.
  5. The plans are very flexible: Humble Homes plans can be easily tweaked to factor in personal tastes and preferences. Unlike most tiny house plans available today, you can customize almost anything using the plan options available.
  6. The plans are innovative: Humble Homes plans are also innovative featuring modern designs, amenities and appliances making it possible to have a modern tiny home with everything you need.
  7. Full plans come with a residential license for building one house. This saves you a lot of time, effort and money you would have otherwise spent securing a residential license for your tiny house.

Cons of Humble Homes building plans

There are hardly any cons about Humble Homes’ plans when you consider online customer reviews. The few that are there revolve around;

  1. The plans are complicated: Some people have bought and found the plans to be complicated. It’s important to note that this con can be easily overlooked given the fact that building plans are supposed to be packed with information. Furthermore, many people find the plans detailed and not complicated.
  2. Limited warranty: Some people also feel the plans should come with an unlimited warranty as a symbol of high quality. This con can also be overlooked given the fact that most building plans come without a warranty.


The above information summarizes everything you need to know about Humble Homes Company, their tiny house specifications, main plans and top pros i.e .why you should consider buying building plans from them among other important information. Although there are a few cons about the plans, Humble Homes tiny house plans come highly recommended when you consider all the above information including the benefits you stand to enjoy.

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