small house interior design ideas

Ten Essential Small House Interior Design Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small house, prepare to be overwhelmed by hacks that give the illusion of space in a small house.

small house interior design ideas

So today, we have gathered ten essential small house interior design ideas, each of them exhibiting an ingenious design.

Light Shades of Color

Smaller spaces look wide with white or light shades of decor while dark shades make the limited area look cramped. Consider lighter tones when dealing with small spaces as they give a roomier feel and make the area look more appealing.

An Organized Kitchen is a Delicious Kitchen

This fold-out kitchen cupboard is a great way to store almost the entire kitchen requirements. Since it can hold a lot and fold in when not required, it makes for a smart move. Try to incorporate clever furniture that stores up most of the kitchen belongings. This will make the kitchen less cluttered leaving more room for movement.

Foldable Tables and Chairs

The best thing about foldable tables and chairs is that they occupy space only when you want them to. Go with color, pattern, shape, and style based on the theme you follow to make the room look attractive.

small house interior design ideas

Staircase with Shelves/Office

Many designers do not usually tap the area under the staircase. In fact, it can be a great place to store anything without taking up a wardrobe space or an office area. For those who do not have room for a walk-in closet or a drawing-room, this is a wonderful idea. Plus, who won’t love a secluded workplace like the one below!

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Furniture with a Personality

Just like the foldable chairs and tables, a foldable bed leaves more space in the room. Multipurpose beds are even more convenient as they transform from a bed to a sofa or a couch. Now you don’t have to worry about buying two different furniture.

Dining Table – Simple yet Sophisticated

Dining tables that occupy less space are rare to find. One way to get through this is making a customized table from a local carpenter. When not in use, it will work double duty as a side table.

Slide to Unravel

Having a slide door option is better than a normal one. It gives the house a modern makeover and makes it look clean and contemporary.

Replace the Door with a Curtain

An alternative to the sliding door is having a curtain divider. This is a good way to clear up space, give privacy, and division.

Window – Wall

Wall to window ratio should be high. It gives a clear view of the walls and makes it look spacious. A boring wall when replaced with a tall window changes the entire look and feel of the house. Eventually, it becomes the best place to hang out.

Let There be Light!

Lastly, a good amount of natural light is a great way to enhance a miniature place. A well-lit room makes the space visually appealing as well as more open.

As a small house owner, you know how to play with the house’s strength and hide its weakness. When dealing with tiny spaces, keep in mind houses that multi-task reduce clutter making it comfortable.

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