benefits of tiny homes

Benefits of Tiny Home Living

Since the size of an average home in the United States and anywhere else in the world has more than double over the last decades regardless of the shrinking family sizes. Living space has become of a luxury rather than taking the conventional functional orientation. This is because consumerism has taken center stage in lifestyles as precedent by rising economies and better living standards.

benefits of tiny homes

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This has however had a negative impact on the environment as humanity continues to place an unsustainable demand on the eco-system.

Because of concerns for such environmental constraints, the Tiny House Movement seeks to sensitize people on the benefits of tiny home living, stressing on how tiny house helps the environment. A number of environmental and other benefits come with building a tiny house. Some of the ecological benefits include the following.

A Greener Solution for Building

Timber is a widely used building material in the United States. An average house is about 2,600 square feet which requires about 8 truck-loads of lumber to construct which is a lot of trees felled compared to about 1-1.5 truck-loads required to construct about 190 square foot tiny house.

Tiny house will therefore put lesser demands on forests and therefore contribute to a greener environment. Trees are very beneficial to the overall well-being of the environment.

More trees mean a healthy gaseous balance, a cooler environment and sufficient amounts of rainfall, all of which make life possible on the planet.

Less Energy Requirements

The energy we use in our homes for various purposes have a genesis on the environment. A tiny house helps the environment by using less energy.

  • A tiny house has less lighting bulbs than an average house because it has lesser rooms to light. This means that there is up to 80% energy saving on lighting. If you are living in a tiny house, chances are that you will use an energy saving bulb, which makes the energy savings even more.
  • A tiny house may require minimal cooling due to its small size, lack of many heat generating appliances and fixtures. This also means you save a lot of power that you normally use to run the air conditioning.
  • Due to its small dimensions, it is very easy and economical to warm up the space during the cold weather. This will translate to lesser usage of electrical power.
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Less Waste

A tiny house will dictate the number of people who can live in it at a given time. This means that only a limited number of people can live in the tiny space. This does not mean that it is impossible for families to live comfortably. Nevertheless, a smaller number of people living together will put out lesser waste.

A society that puts out lesser waste has a lot of benefits for the environment because there will be less biodegradable material, less dumping in landfills which means less pollution from garbage trucks and poisonous fumes.

The Space Equation

A tiny house will require a small space to build on. This means that there is less space required for housing if more people embraced tiny house concepts. In essence, there is less need to clear forests or pry into land set aside for wild life in order to build homes. Better space usage is one important factor when it comes to environmental concern because leaves the flora and fauna intact.

Other than the various ways in which a tiny house helps the environment remain stable, there are also benefits that come to other areas, which are significant and noteworthy.

More Economical

For starters, building a tiny house is a small feat. There is less material required as well as fittings and furniture. You do not require the magnitude of furniture, fittings, upholstery and such other things that you may find in a traditional home. It is even cost effective when it comes to purchasing a lot on where to build because you do not need a lot of space. You end up saving a lot of money by buying only what is necessary.

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Economies of space will keep your spending to a minimal. You will not have to succumb to consumerism as you lack the space to keep the excesses that you do not need.

Easy Upkeep and Maintenance

The space is easy to manage and therefore you can easily keep clean in a matter of minutes. It is easier to carry out maintenance procedures at a low cost because the house has a lot of do it yourself affairs.

Aesthetic Value

Tiny houses have attracted a lot of creativity from designers who are keen on making them attractive to people. This has made it possible for tiny house constructors come up with many creative pieces that have added to the beauty of spaces that surround us. Aesthetics is something that humans love so kudos to the Tiny House Movement.

You do not have to be a sustainability guru to join the THM. What you need is a genuine concern for the environment. If you are interested in owning a humble abode, saving a great deal of money and reducing your carbon foot print while at it, then this is your kind of venture.

There are numerous floor plans by tiny house owners that are available for those that are interested in creating tiny houses of their own. Better still, you can get an architect or a designer to come up with something that suits your exact taste and style.

Since the whole Movement is about reducing the negative impact on the environment, you can incorporate other green solutions that complement this kind of house. A good example is the use of renewable energy solutions like solar and wind energy to power the unit. You can also choose to use more renewable stuff and lesser chemicals in anything that you need to live comfortably.

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If your comfort level can allow it, tiny houses are a good choice for anyone that wants to lessen the burden on the environment. It is important to have proper considerations before joining the movement to ensure that you can sustain it.

benefits of tiny home

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