Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Colorado

Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Colorado

Looking to set up a tiny home in Colorado? Maybe you’re looking to travel around Colorado in your mobile home? Whichever the case, you should study up on all the things you need to know about tiny homes in Colorado. From the rules to prices to listings, we have you covered. Read on for your guide to everything tiny home-related in The Centennial State.

The Basics

According to Business Insider, Colorado is one of the most popular states for tiny houses. The state ranks third place out of the top 10 states, just trailing behind Florida and California. Tiny-home-friendly cities in the state includes Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Aspen. However, it’s worth checking with the zoning committee in your area if you’re allowed to build. When in doubt, be sure to ask a building official in your local municipality.



The costs to build a tiny home in Colorado varies, but the average cost per square foot is around $235. This number is purely for the construction of the home – land, site development, and financing are additional costs to think about. Luxury tiny homes with premium materials can cost more, around $400 per square foot.

Thinking of joining the community? Start by joining Facebook groups for tiny home dwellers, like this one. These resources can be useful to keep yourself updated.

Tiny House Rules in Colorado

Tiny houses in Colorado falls into a grey area – similar to other states. There is no law that defines exactly what constitutes as a tiny house in Colorado. A tiny house built on a foundation is considered a ‘dwelling’ and is perfectly legal in the state. A tiny house on wheels (THOW) is often classified as an RV in Colorado, and its legality will depend on local zoning regulations.

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Walsenburg has no minimum square footage or requirements regarding exit door sizes and stairway regulations. Park County have waived their 220 square feet minimum and 100 square feet per occupant rules. They also no longer have minimum measurements for separate closets, bathrooms, and working space of more than thirty inches in the kitchen.



Permanent dwellings

Permanent foundation homes allow you to live in it full-time. However, if it’s labelled as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) where it’s installed in the property of an existing family home, some areas won’t permit this. Each jurisdiction will have its requirements and will have to adhere to building codes, including a minimum square footage.

Generally, Colorado has no limit on the square footage for a tiny home, but it does follow the standard definition where it should range from 100 to 400 square feet.

Mobile homes

While a THOW may be appealing for the nomadic lifestyle, it may be illegal for you to live in one full-time in Colorado. As they’re on wheels, they’re categorized as RVs, which are not intended for all-year round living. if you do a lot of research, you may be able to find an area where you can live in your THOW permanently if you categorize it as a mobile home. However, you’ll have to be fixed to the ground and hook up to utilities, which makes living off-grid in a THOW difficult. They’re legal to use for vacations or to take to an RV park, but double check with your municipality.

Tiny House Builders in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses


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One of Colorado’s established tiny house builders, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses prides itself on their simplicity and affordability. Based in the San Juan mountains in Durango, their houses are ‘made from scratch’ with unique designs. As they don’t have standard models to choose from, their prices vary. A 26 foot-long tiny house they’ve made in the past cost $85,000, while a 15 foot-long one came close to $50,000.

MitchCraft Tiny Homes

Based in Fort Collins, MitchCraft Tiny Homes have been making custom-built tiny houses since 2015. Start building your house by choosing one of three tiers, which ranges from basic finishes and appliances, to top of the line and multiple luxury add-ons. Depending on which tier you choose and the size of your future home, their prices start from $74,142 and the most expensive at $169,500.

Simblissity Tiny Homes

For tiny homes on wheels, check out Simblissity Tiny Homes. They focus on sustainability and aims to create energy and space efficient tiny homes with minimal environmental impact. They have a general boho vibe to their Custom Tiny homes, with the use of colorful tiles and quirky wooden sinks. As their homes are fully customizable, the prices will vary. Enquire on their website for a full price list.

Tiny Homes You Can Buy Right Now in Colorado

The Cozy Rustic



For a mere $17,500, it’s possible to own a tiny home in Colorado. Although it’s a small 128 square feet, this rustic-feel tiny home is spacious enough to fit a bathroom and one sleeping space. This mobile home is handmade to order and can be customized to your taste. Once built, the homes are move-in ready with amenities all included.

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The Classic Rustic

For something a little bigger, take a look at this 320 square feet tiny home. For $89,000, you get a bathroom, bedroom, as well as plenty of natural sunlight, thanks to the large windows. The house also comes with custom cabinetry with soft close doors and drawers, and quality appliances. Storage is also something you won’t be short of in this tiny home, due to the space available under the stairs and couch.

The Minimal Tiny

Not too fussed about fancy fit outs? A minimal tiny home like this one could be more your style. This 192 square foot home can be yours for $65,000. It has a loft for your sleeping space, as well as high ceilings to create a sense of space. There’s also a hot water tank and water heater for off-grid living, making this home suitable if you’re looking to feel closer to nature. The black exterior also makes for a sleek, contemporary look.

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