Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Florida

Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Florida

It’s no secret that tiny homes have gained popularity all over the country, but how does the movement fare in the state of Florida? The Sunshine State is known to be one of the most tiny-home-friendly places in the country. It’s even more so if you’re looking to travel and explore on a tiny home on wheels, due to the abundance of RV parks around the state.

If you’re looking to settle into a tiny home in Florida, make sure to keep reading below for all the things you need to know about how and where to get one.

The Basics

Before diving in, let’s get into the basics. The average cost of a tiny house in Florida ranges between $20,000-$95,000. This number varies on the size, type and the materials you use to build your home. For a more premium design or model, you’ll be expected to pay over the average, with some luxury types costing upwards of $100,000.


The tiny home community has made a name for itself in several cities throughout Florida. If you’re thinking about staying in the state, consider settling in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Ruskin, Orlando or Tampa. These cities have established clearer rules surrounding tiny homes to make it easier on you.

Are you completely new to the movement? There are plenty of resources out there on tiny houses. Take this Facebook group for example – it’s also extremely useful to be a part of even if you’ve been a tiny home owner for years.

Tiny House Rules in Florida

Tiny houses are legal in Florida, however it depends on the given area of land and the local government’s zoning regulations. Before you purchase land or a tiny house, make sure to do site-specific research. Whether a tiny house is lawful also depends on the type of house and how it’s registered. For instance, if it’s a permanent dwelling or a mobile home.

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Florida has specific measurements on how small a tiny house can be. The minimum square footage requirements vary in counties: some have a minimum of 375 square feet, while other places need the house to be at least 1,000 square feet in size.

If you don’t want to be restricted in your requirements, as you may not have finalized your house plans yet, there are places that don’t have a minimum. These areas are the City of Longwood, City of Oviedo, and the City of Casselberry in Seminole County. Orange County actually has two cities with no minimum measurements: Winter Park and Orlando.


The tiniest of tiny houses can be found in St. Petersburg, as its minimum measurement goes as little as 375 square feet. Meanwhile, Dixie County and Pasco County follow close by with a minimum of 450 square feet.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Backyard tiny homes are also welcome in Florida. It doesn’t even have to be on wheels – you can have a permanent foundation tiny home built. This option is suitable for those who want to live close to family or are looking to expand their current home in a different way.

Parking rules

National parks are also abundant in Florida in which you can park your tiny house on wheels. Bear in mind that most parks won’t allow you to stay longer than a period of time, and this is better for those travelling. Consider finding a parking spot in a trailer park, where you can purchase a spot to stay longer-term.

Tiny House Builders in Florida

Movable Roots

Ranging from $80,000 to $150,000, you can get a custom tiny home with Movable Roots, who are based in Melbourne. You can also get just the tiny house shell or trailer from them, if you wish to be more involved in the building of your home.

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Sanctuary Tiny Homes

Sanctuary Tiny Homes offer consultations for the designing, as well as the planning and building of your tiny home. You can get your tiny home from them starting at $54,000. Depending on your needs, they can accommodate for whatever stage you’re at in your tiny home journey. The DeBary-based company is also focused on environmentally friendly design.


Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

Choose from three standard models designed by Tampa Bay Tiny Homes. There’s one to suit most budgets, with their homes ranging from $13,995 to $74,996, depending how much you customize the plans. Despite how much you personalize, the St. Petersburg-based company will still commit on creating a sustainable and technology-focused design.

Tiny Homes You Can Buy Right Now in Florida

Looking to move into a tiny home right now? Take a look at these listings for tiny houses available on the market in Florida of varying budgets.

The Modern Industrial

This tiny home measures at a tiny 280 square feet and can be yours for $72,500. It’s on wheels and can be lived in as off grid for those who want to be self-sufficient. With a loft and additional bedroom, it has room for a couple or small family. The kitchen is also open concept, complete with full amenities including stainless steel fridge and laundry. If you’re looking for an off-grid compatible home, this one includes solar panels and a fresh water tank.


The Rustic Modern

On the more premium end of the spectrum, there is this listing. With a price of $130,000, you get more living space: two lofts – one that fits a king-sized bed and the other for a queen size or smaller. There’s also a walk-in closet measuring at 8×4 if you need even more storage space. It measures at 256 square feet, is on wheels, and has a dog door for your furry housemate!

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The Luxury Modern

For a more budget-friendly option, you can get this 1-bedroom tiny home with a spacious study-slash-dining area for $49,000. Measuring at a petite 204 square feet, it has ample storage overhead and under the bed. There’s also a mini kitchen with a marble-look splash-back, as well as wooden finishes, for an added bit of luxury.

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