Bachman Log Homes Cabin Kits

Bachman Log Homes Cabin Kits – Review

Are you in the market for a log home? Log homes evoke a cozy country cabin feel. The warm wooden aesthetics make for the perfect home that contrasts to the hustle and bustle of city life. Log cabins are generally simple to maintain, and its use of all-over wood is effective for noise reduction.

Other benefits include being a good home for self-sufficiency and energy-efficiency. There’s a reason log homes are still around today, due to its comfortable, majestic appearance and charm. Don’t need any more reasons to convert into this new lifestyle? Then check out Bachman Log Homes for your future log cabin.

What is Bachman Log Homes?

Bachman Log Homes offers log homes using one of the finest full-round Swedish coped logs. The company has been milling logs since 2004 and its founder has been building log homes for over 25 years.

The Montana-based company is committed to providing high-quality log homes at an affordable price so that most people can experience the benefits of a log cabin. Log homes are a particular type of build, which requires a certain level of expertise. Their long-term experience has proven to troubleshoot any problems associated with building and manufacturing homes.

Depending on the size and log diameter, Bachman Log Homes have been known to produce around 30 homes every year. Thanks to referrals, website visitors, and independent dealers, the company has been able to have a steady stream of customers. They also have contracts with several log home companies to produce log homes for them and their customers.

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Log Quality

When log cabins were made out of necessity, people would have to make do with whatever type of wood was available conveniently to them. Today, it’s possible to make log homes using the highest-quality logs available in the market.

Bachman Log Homes uses lodgepole pine or englum spruce logs to build their homes. These two types have proven to the best house logs. Lodgepole pine is best for a home’s walls and joists, as they sag less over time, providing a more stable foundation. On the other hand, spruce logs are relatively inexpensive. It also has a generally good shrinkage rate, as well as a decay and fungus resistance, once it’s been treated.

Their logs are milled from dead standing timber, which means they’re using a valuable natural resource that would otherwise have been gone to waste. For quality control, the company ensures that every log is checked and graded at the mill. Some areas of the mill require a TPI (timber product inspection) of the logs, however all logs exceed the TPI standards, regardless of whether or not it has been stamped with the TPI approval.

The Wyoming Log Cabin Kit

One of the popular models from Bachman Log Homes is the Wyoming Log Cabin Kit. For a size of 18 by 24 feet, this kit starts at just $13,000. It’s a suitable size to live in solitude or a small family. There’s 432 square feet of space in the main floor, with a 216 square foot loft. In total, there’s 648 square feet of living space that you can choose to make your own. The kit can make a cabin with plenty of space for a small bedroom, a full bath, a living area downstairs, with a large loft upstairs.

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The Wyoming Log Cabin Kit is made with full-round Swedish coped 8” lodge pole pine. The rest of the materials needed to build the rest of the home is sourced locally. Alternatively, you can also go to Bachman Log Homes to purchase just the logs – they’re one of the few log home companies where you can do this.


The Packages

Regardless of which Bachman Log Homes Cabin kit you choose, you can select from two packages: The Basic Shell Package or The Dry-In Package. The former package is perfect for those that are only looking for the essentials, such as the logs, and who already have other materials needed to complete the home. For an all-rounder package, the latter would be the better option.

Here is a breakdown of the packages:

The Basic Shell Package

Included in the shell package are:

  • Log Walls, pre-cut to length with pre-cut plans
  • Log Gables
  • Log Gasket
  • Deck Railing
  • Spikes
  • Gasket Material
  • Paper wrapped and banded for shipment


The Dry-In Package

The complete dry-in package contains almost all the materials you’ll need to build a complete cabin. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t include things like cabinets and appliances. This package will cost more than the basic one at $23,000.

Included in the dry-in package are:

  • Double-hung Windows, with thermal pane glass
  • Solid Wood Exterior Doors
  • Pre-cut Railings for Stairs, Balconies, and Decks
  • Flooring
  • 2×10 floor joists
  • 2×10 rafters
  • 2×6 tongue and groove loft floor
  • 1×8 tongue and groove ceiling
  • 8″ insulation
  • 2×4 interior wall framing
  • Log Walls
  • Log Gables
  • Lag Bolts
  • Log Gasket
  • Deck railing
  • Roof Timbers
  • Log Staircases (if applicable)
  • Spikes
  • Gasket Material
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Warranty and Guarantee

Logs sourced by Bachman Log Homes Cabin are constantly inspected and graded at the mill, which meets or exceeds building standards. Unfortunately, warranty can’t be written or implied once the logs leave the mill. Weather, handling, and storage can affect the logs, but the company can send extra logs to cover any unreasonable or unexpected damage that may occur. If the logs are not as it should be due to their standards, they will also send out replacements.


Final Thoughts

If a log cabin home is in your future, consider starting your search with Bachman Log Homes. With almost three decades of experience under their belt, raving customer reviews, and top-quality materials, it’s a place to start. Their Wyoming Log Cabin Kit is a suitable sized cabin, which has plenty of room for a bedroom, living space and bath. Whether you’re moving in alone or with others, the 18 by 24 feet home is a cozy one. Remember to add a heating device for when the colder months come to stay warm!

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