Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Texas

Your Guide to Tiny Homes in Texas

Look no further than Texas for the most lenient state when it comes to tiny homes. It’s a great place to build a permanent Texas tiny home or to park your mobile home long-term, due to the more liberal rules surrounding these types of homes. If you still need some convincing, keep reading on for more information on the rules, as well as tips on where to search for a builder or listings in Texas.

The Basics

In terms of costs, tiny home in Texas ranges from $40,000 to around $100,000. A general rule of thumb for tiny home construction costs is that it will vary according to size and customizations. They’re generally similar to the costs for tiny homes in most states, and is nothing out of the ordinary for a tiny home in Texas. One thing is for sure – that the costs of owning a tiny house is a fraction of a standard family house living.


Baylor County, Brown County, Ellis County, Lake Dallas, Medina County, are jurisdictions in Texas, which allow tiny houses without any zoning or code issues. You may also want to check out the Hideaway Tiny Home Community in West Fort Worth. Spur is said to be the first small house friendly town city in America, as they now offer no minimum small space size requirements for homes placed on a foundation.

Tiny House Rules in Texas

To put into context how relatively easy it is to own a tiny home in Texas, Houston – a large metro area – doesn’t have formal zoning. It’s even easier to build outside the city, specifically on rural land. This is because counties tend not to have authority to enforce zoning regulations. Despite this fact, there are still regulations to comply to and every area is different. Make sure to do site-specific research before building to have your home remain lawful.

Bear in mind that certain Texas counties will require you to comply with local Texans building codes for new residential modular home structures, which may require you getting a building permit. This may mean that you will have to meet certain minimum room size requirements, and ensure electrical components and plumbing fixtures are installed correctly.

Regardless, it’s still best to check with your municipality in the area you want to live in, as every town has different requirements.

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Tiny House Builders in Texas

Small Dwelling Co.

This Weatherford-based business believes there’s a benefit to downsizing and that tiny home living are the key solution to move away from the hustle and bustle of traditional living. Their tiny homes offer fully custom designs from scratch and you get the pleasure to work with the team closely to bring your vision to life. With decades of experience under their belt, you can be sure to get the tiny house movement of your dreams. In addition to building homes for people, Small Dwelling Co. has also developed a tiny home gated community in Palo Pinto County, complete with a community garden and walking trails.

Indigo River Tiny Homes

At first glance, they are tiny home builders focused on creating environmentally-conscious homes. However, behind the scenes are air force, navy, and marine veterans with a combined 30 years of construction experience. Indigo River Tiny Homes promote a strong family vibe within their business and their veteran employees. Choose from six floor plan designs and customize them to your liking. The North Texas-based business offer plans starting at $49,000 up to $68,000 before adding any extras or customization. A portion of the proceeds will go to organizations committed to veterans.


Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

For something a little different, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses are a niche business that build tiny homes and off-grid cabins out of solid steel-reinforced precast concrete. Although the houses are made from a modular precast concrete, it doesn’t look like it. If you didn’t know, their houses look like it’s made of wood, brick, or stone. Build either a tiny house on permanent foundation or on wheels, and choose from six basic designs and customize on top of it, if you wish. Their homes range in size from as little as 150 square feet to 600 square feet. For a full list of prices, check out their website to enquire further.

Tiny Homes You Can Buy Right Now in Texas

The Cozy Tiny

If you’re ready to hit the road, check out this RV-certified mobile home. It measures at a cozy 192 sq. ft which includes two bedrooms and a bathroom. A laundry machine, a fridge, and an AC unit for both warm and cold air conditioning are a few of the included appliances in rv park home. The wooden interior instantly warms you up even in the harshest of winters. This can all be yours for a budget-friendly price of $35,000.

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The Modern Cabin

Do you have a soft spot for bright-colored exteriors? This white, red, and blue park model mobile home is funky and looking for a fun owner to give it a new life at a cost of $66,900. On the main floor, there’s a closed off bedroom with a rustic-looking sliding barn door for privacy. Meanwhile, there’s a loft for even more space for another bed. This park model home’s interior is fitted with white walls for sleek look that’s topped off with the wooden finishes. Appliances include a fridge, over-counter microwave, cooktop, and washer/dryer combo.

The Luxury Tiny

A more luxury option, this 280-square-feet mobile home has all the modern inclusions you could ever need in a tiny house. At $109,500, this one is a more premium choice, due to its larger space, including a bathroom with a rounded, freestanding shower. You’ll also be in touch with nature at all times, with the 11 windows that look out to scenic views and let in natural light. Cooking enthusiasts will also rejoice at the full-sized kitchen, complete with soft close drawers, a large fridge, a 4-burner stove, and a built-in microwave. There are also built-in night stands in both lofts, as well as a ventilation system for continuous airflow.

What are some benefits of owning a tiny house in Texas?

Tiny houses are great for those who want to be self-sufficient and find a low-cost alternative to conventional housing. However, there are many benefits to owning a tiny house in Texas. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing one:

1. You save money on your mortgage payment

Many people have been able to reduce their mortgage payments with the help of a tiny house in Texas.

There are different types of tiny houses and, therefore, there are different prices associated with them as well as different size options as well, which makes it easier for people to find one that suits their needs best and, at the same time, save money on their mortgage payments as well.

The good thing about this is that, once you buy your home, you do not need to worry about how much your monthly mortgage payment will be. It will always be at the same level regardless of the size of your home.

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2. You save on utility bills

It is possible to use solar power and energy saving devices such as electric water heaters and solar panels in order to reduce your utility bills. This means that you will never have to worry about paying for expensive utility bills when you own a tiny house in Texas.

3. They are good for the environment

Tiny houses are known to be good for the environment because they do not produce any carbon emissions and, therefore, they help protect our environment from all types of pollution that we produce in our daily lives, such as smoke, noise, and light pollution.

4. Time Management

You will be able to manage your time better if you live in a tiny house because there is less stuff around for you to have to worry about. There are also fewer things for you to have to clean up after yourself.

By living in a tiny house, you will have more time for yourself and more time for friends and family.

5. They are great investments

The market value of homes tends to go up over time, which means that it can sometimes be hard to sell your home in the future.

6. They can be used as weekend homes

Tiny houses are also known to be great for weekend homes because they are compact and therefore do not take up much space when compared to other types of homes.

You may have friends or family members who visit you occasionally, but they may not have their own homes or apartments with them when they visit you, so this means that you may need extra space in your home when these people come around.

However, this is not a problem at all because you can easily buy a tiny house in Texas which will provide extra space.

This is one of the best things about owning a tiny house in Texas because it allows you to save space in your home and use it for other purposes, such as storage.

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