tiny house appliances

7 Tiny House Appliances Don’t Use Electricity

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. At some point, you have probably heard these three words, as well as been given a lecture on their importance. Most likely, you know how to recycle and reusing items comes easily, but how can you reduce tiny house appliances around you?

tiny house appliances

During all of that lecturing and through all of the times this has come up, you may not have been given tips on reducing. Luckily, the process is not that difficult. Even if you are new to being green, you can go about this rather easily. Best of all, taking these steps will help you when saving financially and trying to maintain a clean, efficient tiny home, too.

To reduce, you first need to understand what you are using. It is not always about what you throw away, after all; you have to consider what is going through your home, too. This includes energy, water, and expenses, possibly covering more area than you might have previously thought. How much energy and water you are wasting, including around through your home’s flaws and how much you are using without realizing, and how much you buy things such as replacement items and food can all affect the earth. If you want to make sure that you are reducing, you need to consider how much you are actually doing.

Creating a more energy-efficient tiny cabin, ensuring that all energy stays within the home, not using energy when it is not needed, minimalizing water usage, and investing in repairs rather than replacements are all great ways to go green and reduce your impact on the earth. These are small yet effective steps that lower the amount of energy and use that you are putting out. It is not that difficult to do any of this, either. Thanks to the availability of products and services, as well as how easy the entire process is, anyone can do this.

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Saving money by purchasing reliable, durable, and high-quality products help, too, and so does going for repairs instead of replacements, as noted above. You can also help in reducing your impact on the earth by not buying in excess, including with food. When you are throwing more away, the landfills, disposal, and other areas of waste management have to work more than they would have had to otherwise. When more people keep items out of landfills and away from waste management, the cost and use of everything connected to them goes down.

Advanced Elements (5 Gallon) Solar Powered Summer Shower


If you’ve ever been to a tiny cabin away from civilization and technology then you understand how important this piece of equipment can be, taking a cold shower isn’t a feat that everyone can accomplish.

It doesn’t matter what your motivations for taking a shower are, perhaps they’re purely hygienic in nature or maybe you’re traveling with company, some people just don’t like their own body odor, in any case, no matter what your motivations, this handy piece of equipment comes with a showerhead, a pocket to keep your toiletries and enough water to wash yourself with, warm water is just the selling point.

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

tiny house appliances

A clean body isn’t the only thing that’s important, whether you ended up falling in mud or just went through all your clean underwear, this piece of plastic is great for small trips.

Be wary though since it’s nowhere as sturdy as your average washing machine, don’t expect it to last half as long, if anything it’s a disposable piece of equipment. Still great for your random holidays where luggage is a luxury with no access to a washing machine.

This portable wash bag lets you accomplish what you’d be able to do in a sink, the perk? It doesn’t need the sink present and you don’t need to touch the clothes.

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Zulay Lemon Squeezer

tiny house appliances

Lemon juice is an essential part of most dishes and there are not many ways to get the juices out of a lemon, for ages we’ve used a simple technique and for ages some of us have dreaded it, sure squeezing the lemons themselves isn’t a hard task but when it comes to sanitation and efficiency, using hands is simply not the answer.

A well-designed lemon squeezer on the other is capable of solving both of those problems, no more will your hands come in touch with the lemon juices and no more will there be any juices left inside the lemon, but some things still never change, the lemons still need to be sliced first.

Farberware Coffee Percolator

For some of us, a day can’t be started with a good cup of coffee, this coffee percolator is capable of making up to eight cups of it on your average stove, not only does it look nice making your coffee but it also lets you have freedom from ever having to replace the paper filter.

Equipped with a permanent filter and having a nice, mirror-like finish, this piece of stainless steel is made to last you a long time, and at the end of the day, it’s dishwasher-safe so cleaning it won’t be an issue either.

Coleman Compact Liquid Fuel Stove

tiny house appliances

Capable of running on unleaded fuel, the two burners can be used simultaneously to perform cooking tasks on the go, whether you’re hiking out in the cold or just on a family trip, dinner is served.

As far as worrying about fuel, there’s no need, unleaded fuel is easy to come by as it’s used in vehicles worldwide, a portable stove is a luxury that one simply can’t ignore, being able to make tea on top of a hill without having to carry heavy fuel sources like coal or wood.

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Anker Solar Charger

tiny house appliances

Technology has evolved to a point where most of our devices have been combined into one, not having a physical compass with us at all times isn’t a problem since we can simply use our smartphones to do the task, they have GPS receivers inside them along with a handy list of other sensors, but if there’s one thing they don’t have, it’s a long battery life.

A solar charger is able to solve that issue, allowing you to recharge your devices everywhere the sun can shine, whether you have a flashlight or smartphone, so long as your device can be charged with a USB port, a solar charger can do it too.

With panels that can be wrapped on to themselves to minimize the space they take, the Anker Solar Charger is able to provide you the highest efficiency it possibly could as far as space is concerned, weighing in at just under a pound, it’s easy to carry around and won’t slow you down.

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash

tiny house appliances

As far as compact solutions are concerned, this one won’t fit in your average luggage box, it’s a washing machine that doesn’t need electricity but human labor, simply put your clothes in along with water and whatever cleaning agents you use.

The machine is operated with a hand-crank and is easy to use, whether you don’t have access to a washing machine or just wish to wash your clothes on a long vacation away from civilization, this mechanically operated washing machine takes a few minutes of your energy but solves a big problem as far as laundry is concerned, it lets you avoid touching the laundry itself.

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