best mattresses for rv

Best RV Mattresses 2020 Reviewed

Big bedroom with a queen-size bed and a massive mattress? Without a doubt, there is not plenty of room to utilize in a tiny home. Smart tricks though are a perfect example that you don’t have to do anything drastic to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed the next morning.

best mattresses for rv
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If anything, many folks report enjoying a better quality of sleep once they smartly furnish and utilize their tiny home space.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep in an extra small home

One of the biggest questions that first come into mind, is how and where the bed should be placed. There are 4 options here and something that applies to all is that you better utilize your room smartly:

  1. In the bedroom loft beneath the roof e.g the crawl floor
  2. In the living room
  3. On a sofa bed
  4. On a foldable bed

The biggest perk of placing your bed beneath the roof is that it doesn’t have to be opened every night–that’s definitely a big plus for anyone who is tired and wants to just lie on the bed quickly. The only drawback is that the height of the room will somehow constrict the room for the bed. A classic bed skeleton will not suffice in this case. A futon type of bed is a better choice–and it also adds a more elegant note to the room.

Another plus is that home residents may go for a standard mattress which is often more functional than a temporary mattress on a foldable bed. However, this implies that even these folks who wish to furnish their bed loft with a mattress, have plenty of types to choose from.

The biggest criteria to consider, of course, are the desired material and cost. If let’s say you wish to get mattresses with organic or eco-friendly materials, there are several notable picks with natural latex or similar materials such as horsehair and coconut fibers. The thing is, they do not suit every pocket.

Sleep inexpensively in a tiny home

This brings the question: how can you enjoy a good night’s sleep affordably in a small home? The solution here is the Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam mattress from Amazon which is worth checking out. And its low cost can be attributed to the direct sales model.

Even used products of similar quality often have a higher price tag than brand new Zinus mattress but evidently, there are plenty of deals on Amazon and classified webshops. Mattresses that are in great condition already, nearly as good as new ones, can be up for sale when holiday rentals and second-hand homes are left behind.

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Getting a second-hand mattress? Isn’t that dirty and disgusting? Well, that’s not the case. Of course, it’s paramount that you clean and sanitizes the mattress properly before usage. On this occasion, it’s better to go for a type with a detachable cover.

The ideal washing temperature should be 90C.  There are also specific ways to clean out the core. For example, you may drip some soda powder on the fabric, leave it on for a few hours, and then use your vacuum to suck it out.

No matter if it’s used or new, there is a vital factor to consider when getting a mattress: a spring core or a cold foam one? The cold foam ones are good supporters of the back as their form adapts to that of the body.

There are also different levels of hardness suitable for every bodyweight range. For instance, soft ones are suggested for small or slim sized people up to 70kg whereas medium and hard mattresses for body weights up to 100kg.

On the contrary, spring core mattresses have a reputation of having temperature regulating properties due to the fact that they allow air to freely circulate through the fabric. A big plus in a tiny home, where ventilation is limited anyway.

Note: you definitely need to have a slatted frame to support the mattress and make sure it’s well ventilated. Now, look at the best RV mattresses we found.

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam

best mattresses for rv

The Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam is made up of 3 layers. The first layer is a 2-inch memory foam, the second is a 2-inch layer of comfort foam, and the third layer is a 4-inch high-density base support foam. All these layers make up the 8-inch thick foam that provides support and comfort. 

Material Quality 

The Zinus Deluxe mattress has a CertiPUR-US certified, durable, and long-lasting foam, which provides optimum comfort. The materials used in the foam are natural components, such as plant oil and green tea extract. You also receive a cover with the mattress that can be removed and washed, making it ideal for RVs and Trailers. 

best mattresses for rv

Shape Contouring

One powerful feature that you will find in this mattress is the foam’s ability to contour into your body shape. Meaning, it will mold into your body’s shape. This way, you can sleep comfortably for hours without catching a backache or tiredness when you wake up. 


  • Ensures a good night’s sleep 
  • The natural materials used keep it fresh
  • Reduced off-gassing 
  • Doesn’t sag over time
  • It is a queen-sized bed with a slightly shorter length 
  • Affordable 
  • 10-year limited warranty
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  • It is firm and not very soft 
  • It cannot be folded 

Live and Sleep Ultra RV Mattress 

best mattresses for rv

The Live and Sleep Ultra RV Mattress is a three-layered mattress, constructed for a perfect sleep. The topmost layer is a 2.5-inch premium airflow Visco foam, the second layer is one-inch memory foam infused with gel, and the bottom layer is an 8.5-inch extra thick high-density support base. 

Foam Quality 

The foam used for making this mattress is deep, dense, solid, and comfortable at the same time. The 12-inch thickness of the foam makes it quite soft and luxurious. The gel-filled foam in the middle makes the mattress breathable and keeps the user relaxed throughout the night. 

best mattresses for rv

Material Quality

The manufacturers have used exceptional materials such as Live and Sleep Ultra RV Mattress. Furthermore, these materials are US certified. Meaning, they have been tested to be hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and dust mite resistant; Hence, they won’t cause you any allergy. The top foam is soft, while the base is a bit firm. The gel foam in between the two layers acts as a snug barrier and also regulates heat. 


  • The 8.5-inch base provides support to the back and joints 
  • Ideal for all body types 
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty 
  • Price is relatively lower than competitors 
  • It has no smell of gas or other materials 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes with a knit cover
  • Free memory foam pillow 


  • Box spring needs to be purchased separately
  • The edges tend to sink

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam

best mattresses for rv

The Serenia Sleep Memory Foam has a 0.25-inch fibre layer for enhancing airflow. Then comes the 2-inch memory foam for cool pressure point relief. This is followed by a 1.75-inch gel transition foam and a 5-inch supportive base. This 8-inch mattress provides firm support for a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. 

Open-Cell Construction 

Unlike other traditional foams, this mattress has an open-cell construction, which provides a cooling effect for a better sleeping experience. 

Build Quality 

The Serenia Sleep Memory Foam has been built in the US using the best skills and quality material. The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, so it’s durability and longevity is unquestionable. 

best mattresses for rv

Hypoallergenic Foam 

The foam of this RV mattress is dust and mites resistant. It is hypoallergenic and safe for people who suffer from any type of allergy. 


  • Comes in 4 sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king
  • Luxury damask fabric 
  • Comes with a knit cover 
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Lightweight 


  • It cannot be folded back into the box

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam 

best mattresses for rv

The Best Price 8-Inch Memory Foam molds to the shape of your body. This feature is possible due to the top layer reacting to your body’s temperature and shaping itself accordingly. The body-conforming feature enables unmatched comfort while sleeping. 

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Comfortably Firm

A highly firm foam or an extremely soft one is not right for your back. Therefore, the proper ratio of the firm and soft is what you need for optimum comfort. This RV memory foam is known to be on the firm side, yet it is quite comfortable.

It feels firm when you lie down on it, but it softens and conforms to your body after a short while. Its firmness is just right to provide your back the support it needs. 

best mattresses for rv


  • Good ventilation 
  • It takes the shape of your body 
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty 
  • The knit cover can be removed and cleaned easily 
  • The charcoal-infused layer keeps unpleasant odor away


  • It is rolled and vacuum packed. Hence it is challenging to move around once opened. 

DynastyMattress 10-Inch CoolBreeze Gel 

best mattresses for rv

Featuring expert craftsmanship, the DynastyMattress 10-Inch CoolBreeze Gel comprises 3 layers. The topmost layer is a 3-inch gel foam for a cozy sleep. The middle layer is 2 inches thick and consists of a cool airflow foam to facilitate breathing in the mattress. The base is a 5-inch high-density memory foam that keeps the mattress from losing its shape and going flat. 

Comfort and Support 

When you’re using this CoolBreeze mattress, comfort is guaranteed. The materials used in the manufacturing of this foam ensure that you’re comfortable all night long. The layers of foam give you enough support and conform to your body for a serene sleep. Moreover, the cooling foam helps in effectively cooling your body. 

best mattresses for rv


  • Affordable price 
  • Anti-allergic
  • Good heat distribution 
  • Cooling effect 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Comes with a 30-year warranty 
  • 120 days trial period 


  • It starts sagging after some time 
  • Heat retention in extreme summer temperatures 


People who are fond of traveling from time to time, an RV mattress, is a must-buy. Getting a comfortable sleep in a confined space is difficult, but thanks to the RV mattresses’ manufacturers mentioned above, you can now feel at home, even while traveling. 

We hope our review will help you get the perfect RV mattress, which can cater to your aches and provide unparalleled comfort. 

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