Turning A Shed Into a Tiny Home

Turning A Shed Into a Tiny Home: The Conversion

So, you have a shed in your backyard that is waiting to be put to good use? Turn it into a liveable space! You can convert your average shed into an additional living room, office, granny flat, or even a miniature guest house. With the basic structure already in place, you’ll only need to replace and fix up a few things to transform it into more than just a shed. Shed installation and construction are easier than ever these days, as DIY-ing the home have become an increasingly popular trend.

Keep reading below for tips on how to turn your shed into a tiny home – or whatever you want it to be.

Reasons for Turning Sheds Into Tiny Homes

First things first: can you actually turn a shed into a tiny home? Yes – you can! There are many reasons as to why many have converted their shed into a living space.

Faster build

When the bones of a building are already in place (given that it’s still intact), the overall build will take significantly less time. All that needs to be done is a little tweaking and maybe updates on old parts. You’ll also have some peace of mind knowing that you won’t make any ‘newbie’ mistakes. Turning a shed around is definitely a better option for those that want to move into the tiny house quickly.

More affordable

If you’ve already got a shed with potential, that’s a majority of your building budget sorted. If you don’t, a shed is still cheaper to purchase than buying or building a tiny house shell. Sheds often cost less due to the streamlined and more efficient manufacturing process.

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Higher quality

By purchasing a shed that’s gone through quality control, you’re likely to pick one of high quality. Surprisingly, this may also mean a built shed is of higher quality than if you were to build just a frame yourself. DIY beginners may find this option better for this very reason.


Easier financing

As tiny houses are still in a grey area for most people, it can be tricky to secure financing for them. Unlike a traditional house, banks might not be as lenient in lending you money. However, a shed is something most people are familiar with. Consider acquiring the finances to buy a shed in order to turn it into a tiny house down the line. It’s a suitable option for those that are time-constrained.

What You’ll Need to Convert Your Shed

Converting your shed into a house or living space will require more thought that turning it into storage space. As you’ll be spending some time in the shed, make sure you have all the right tools, materials, and fool-proof plans.

Floor plan

To bring the space to life, you’ll need a detailed floor plan – even if it’s for a tiny shed. Make sure to outline where you’ll place the bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom, or any other living spaces. This will avoid mistakes when it comes to doing the big makeover.


While furniture always comes last, it might be helpful to draft an inventory for your future tiny home. As you re-build the shed, you can start thinking of what furniture will suit the size of your home. Apart from furniture, you can also begin planning things like countertops or even cabinetry.

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To make a shed liveable, you’ll need some form of permanent power source. Even if your shed is a secondary living unit in your backyard, extension cords are not reliable. For sheds that will have bathrooms or kitchenettes, you’ll need to hire plumbing services. If you’re not sure how to go about it, be sure to seek professional assistance.

Doors & Windows

Sheds often have wide doors or two doors that aren’t necessarily suitable for a tiny home. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, then it might be best to change it up. A smaller sized one is perfect, as it’s safe and can have proper locks installed. Sheds also tend not to have windows, as they’re generally used for storage. Install some to provide the space with natural lighting and for cooling purposes. If you’ve never installed doors or windows before, it’s recommended to have professional help, as you wouldn’t want a set of rickety doors and windows.

Suitable Materials

Stable and sturdy is what you want out of materials for any home – sheds included. It’s always best to prioritize quality materials to ensure durability for your home. Most sheds are made of timber, steel, and plastic. However, each of these materials will vary in terms of costs, maintenance, ease of assembly, and other factors. Choosing materials may also be dependent on the aesthetics that you want for your home.


How To Save Space

Did you know that there are sheds that go up to the size of a 20 square foot apartment? While this is generous in space, most sheds are not as spacious. Living tiny will often mean that you’ll need to minimize your belongings. It also requires you to think outside the box on how to save space! Below are some ideas as how you can ensure you have enough space in your shed.

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Have Less Furniture

t’s easy – with less space, you won’t need as many furniture. Admittedly, it can be hard to narrow down what furniture is essential but you’ll be grateful to have the extra space.

Go For Multipurpose Furniture

When you have space for only so much furniture, you may have to resort to more versatile pieces. Many suppliers and manufacturers have developed convertible and multipurpose furniture, such as sofa beds and extendible dining tables.


Use Up Every Nook and Cranny

If you see gaps under your bed or sofa, that means wasted space that you can use as storage. You can even install shelves over your kitchen sink and counters for more space to put your pantry essentials. When space is limited, think about using vertical space.

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