prefab backyard offices

Top 5 Companies Offering Prefab Backyard Offices

Due to pandemics, working from home becomes the new normal for many professionals, but screaming kids around, lack of privacy or improper workstation is no less than a nightmare.

prefab backyard offices

For those who’d like to experience the perks of a home office, prefab backyard offices are the perfect solution for them. From Canada to Europe, prefab companies are pushing their limit to cater to the increasing demand for stylish prefab offices. In this article, we have concluded 5 best companies that sell backyard offices range from affordable to luxurious units.

Space constraints have always existed in the prefab backyard office because people are spending more time than ever in their homes. An ideal prefab office comprises between 100 to 200 square feet, providing ample space to sit and move around.

Moreover, if you have a small shed existed in your backyard, then you can easily turn into your office by hiring some professionals for remodeling.

Insight of Prefab Backyard Office

Actually, while working at home, nobody treats you like you’re at work, interrupting all the time, and the house itself will beckon with entertainment, food, noise, and chores. So, if you’re looking to find a peaceful yet quiet working space at home, where you can think, concentrate, and have all the requisite tools you need then a prefab backyard office is a perfect solution.

How much does it cost to build a backyard office?

Building a prefab backyard office can vary from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on size, finishes, and facilities. Moreover, the cost also varies, if you DIY or hire a contractor – usually, a 150 square feet office may cost you around $20,000 to $30,000. Sometimes, you need to pay an additional cost of cement footing, maintain even ground strata.

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Do you need a building permit for a backyard office?

According to the majority of council laws, you don’t need a storage permit until your shed is no more than 10 square meters. So, always check your local regulations before building a prefab backyard office; otherwise, you’ll end up paying additional liabilities and costs.

Do you need a foundation for the shed?

Typically, prefab structures or shed smaller than 8’x8’ don’t necessarily require a foundation. However, it’s always advisable to place your shed on a foundation for ventilation purposes or evenly distribution of load.

Top 5 Companies Selling Backyard Offices

MODECO Construction

prefab backyard offices

For those who’d like to set up a livelier yet upscale backyard office, MODECO Construction offers fully furnished, convenient, yet functional workspaces. They take pride in manufacturing the light-gauge steel structure made of sustainable material, creating an innovative yet resilient space that suits everyone’s needs.

They offer three different sizes, like 8’x8’, 8’x10’, and 8’x12, delivering in as low as 4 to 6 weeks only. Moreover, the basic price starts from $7,500 for a finished structure, including door, windows, metal roofing with insulation, LED lighting, and exterior walls.

In addition, you can also take their optional services, such as HVAC, raised flooring or mattress store, and high-end interior finished.

KANGA Room Systems

prefab backyard offices

The company offers a wide range of cabins, sheds, and studios that are engineered for straightforward self-assembly. The company offers the fastest to assemble option known as KWIK ROOM, which is perfectly sized for a backyard office. The kit is the perfect solution for those who’d like to build an office on their own.

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The kit comprises rafters for roof decking, pine ceiling cover, lap siding, steel doors, steel transom window, metal roofing, skirting, entry steps, and much more.

prefab backyard offices

Moreover, they offer five different sizes, such as 8’x10’, 10’x12’, 12’x14’, 12’x16’, and 14’x14’ with a basic starting price of $7,200 (kit only).


prefab backyard offices

The Autonomous is another finest prefab backyard office manufacturer in the market, which is known for its fresh solution that completely redefines your home. Their zen design makes work pod your own private space, improving your concentration and productivity.

prefab backyard offices

The minimalistic design made of 100% safe yet durable material, making it super affordable, which can easily be delivered to the location within 2 – 4 days.

prefab backyard offices

The Zen work pod measures 86.6” x 126.4” with a roof height of 126.5 inches, equipped with a stylish yet transparent glass door, natural wood color bookshelf, optional smart desk, and king chair. The base price starts from $5,400 only.

Studio Shed

Remodel your backyard by setting up a state-of-the-art office provided by Studio Shed Signature Series. Whether you need a home office, guest studio, storage space, or backyard retreat, then they got a perfect solution for your needs.

prefab backyard offices

Their 5 different design named Pagoda, Boreas, Solitude, Telluride, and Medano equipped with standard features of weatherproof panels, doors, windows, hardware, siding, and much more.

prefab backyard offices

Moreover, you don’t need to hire a contractor because their ready to assemble design gives you the freedom to do-it-on-yourself. The base price starts from $15,285 (Pagoda) and goes as maximum as $19,465 (Telluride).


prefab backyard offices

The K3 Series by kitHAUS delivering a significant impact in a small package. Their unique sense of design serves the purpose of a home office, pool house, playroom, or anything you want in your backyard.

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prefab backyard offices

They have 11 different models starting with a base price starts from $27k an 8’x8’ model. All their models come with standard finishes of framing, exterior, insulation, glazing, interior, ceiling, bamboo flooring, bathroom, electrical, foundation, and much more.


Our working environment profoundly affects our mental state that’s why people working from home must need a dedicated yet quiet space, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

So, you can build a prefab backyard office that helps you to control your environment and focus on your work even at home. You can go with the companies mentioned above, providing high-functioning yet low-cost prefab work-pods that give you the freedom to just buy and drop in the backyard.

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