Top 7 Fireplace Heat Deflectors

Top 7 Fireplace Heat Deflectors

Have you ever lit up the fireplace to find that it hasn’t warmed up the room at all? Before you open your wallet up to costly renovations of your fireplace, you might just be having a heat efficiency problem. Luckily, this is a simple problem to fix. Sometimes, all you’ll need is a fireplace heat deflector.

A fireplace heat deflector will help prevent the heat coming from the fireplace from going up the wall. Instead, it will move the heat outward into the room. A fireplace hood heat deflector is placed on your mantel, which avoids the heat from going up the mantel. Another popular form of a fireplace heat deflector is a fireback, which is placed at the back of your fireplace. It deflects the heat from going further inside the fireplace, which will go into the room.

A fireplace can get up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, so protect your mantel from this excessive heat! This is even more important if your mantel is made from wood. In addition to this, a fireplace heat deflector also adds a decorative accent to your fireplace. It also helps with maintenance, optimizes heat efficiency, and provide a safe environment for the family.

Apart from adding an elegant accent to your fireplace, a fireplace heat deflector has many purposes that will serve your home for the better. Take a look at 7 of the best fireplace heat deflectors that you can easily find on Amazon.

Top 7 Fireplace Heat Deflectors

Empire Comfort Systems – Black Adjustable Fireplace Hood for 28 to 48″ Harmony Burners


For a classic fireplace hood heat deflector, Empire Comfort Systems has you covered. It’s a simple and no-frills design, with a purpose solely to move heat out. This fireplace hood is suitable for fireplace openings measuring from 28 to 48 inches. The adjustable design makes it difficult to go wrong when finding the size that suits your fireplace. If you have plenty of things above the fireplace, such as a TV, the hood will work to reduce the flow of heat upwards. Many users say the hood is easy to install and takes less than 45 minutes. As a result, the temperature on the fireplace mantel will significantly decrease.

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RH Peterson Co. – Contemporary Three Panel Satin Stainless Steel Fyreback – 24 inch


Looking for serious reflecting business? The Contemporary Three Panel Satin Stainless Steel Fyreback from RH Peterson Co. is designed to reflect all heat. The brand has priortized the fireback’s purpose of reflecting the additional radiant heat into your room, resulting in a basic design. However, what lacks is made up with the satin reflective material, which enhances the appearance of flames. This reflector is beneficial for those who need more heat from their gas logs without burning more. With a 3-panel design that measures at 24” x 35” x 16”, it’s also suitable for larger fireplaces.

HY-C – FB2424U Fireback, Adjustable Installation, Protects Firebox, 24″ x 24″, Stainless Steel


Don’t even think about messing with your fireplace’s structural integrity. There’s no need to do so if you have a highly efficient fireback. Increase the heat efficiency by installing the HY-C Fireback into the wall of your fireplace. Not only will you get more heat coming out into your room, but your masonry will also be protected. Without this added protection, immense heat has the potential to cause deterioration. This model is lighter in weight than cast iron, which allows for easier placement. The slotted base also has room for adjustable installation from 65 to 90 degrees for a more perfect fit.

Thermo-Tec – 13575 Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier, 12″ x 24″


Protect your fireplace parts and components from radiant heat with Thermo-Tec’s Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier. Although it may look lighter than other firebacks, this one is still able to withstand temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the adhesive backside can handle direct and continuous temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive backing makes it easier for it to be applied to any surface, making it suitable for various types of fireplaces. For a more clean and professional appearance, you can wrap it around a wire instead. In terms of material, this fireback is made up of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish. If you no longer need it, you can easily fold it up to make room in storage.

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Minuteman International – Deer Cast Iron Fireback


Do you like the traditional fireplace look? Why not add this unique fireback to the whole aesthetic? Minuteman International’s Deer Cast Iron Fireback has a noble stag imprinted for the nature-lover. This fireback design has made its way into many homes in Europe since the 15th Century and you can have that touch of history in your very own fireplace. In terms of placement, this fireback is made to be rested right on the floor at the back of the fireplace. It’s suitable for use with both gas logs and wood burning fireplaces.

A-Team Performance – 13575 Adhesive Backed Aluminized Fiberglass Heat Shield Barrier


Made with aluminized finish, this fireback can withstand up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to its flexibility and durable woven silica, this heat barrier can also provide effective heat protection. The reflective surface design can also screen off the heat and is capable of reflecting 90% of radiant heat. With its adhesive composite on the back, the application of this fireback is easier than ever. Due to its innovative design, it can be wrapped or laid on to any surface with a professional-like finish. There’s no need to hire help for this one!

Heatshield Products – 770003 0.008″ Thick x 36″ x 48″ Lava Heat Shield Mat


This heat deflector is aptly named for good reason. The Lava Heat Shield Mat from Heatshield Products is made from crushed volcanic rock, which is a good insulator to reflect radiant heat away. The Lava Mat can be laid on a fireplace wall to shield radiant heat and also provide that trick carbon fiber look. By reflecting 60 percent more radiant heat than other foil vinyl stickers, this fireback is effective in bringing more heat into the room. It can withstand a continuous heat of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit intermittently.

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