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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is a nationally certified recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturing company based in Colorado Springs, CO. The company stands out as one of the best (if not the best) RV manufacturing companies in the U.S. based on many factors. The most notable factor is the company’s vast experience. They offer unmatched value for money, environmental friendly models, detailed building plans and great customer support just to mention a few things. As the name suggests, the company specializes in small RVs referred to as Tumbleweed RVs. The company’s first ever Tumbleweed was mounted on a trailer in 1999. The RV was dubbed Tumbleweed because it was mobile and it featured roots. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company immediately sparked an RV revolution that has lasted 16 years now with no signs of slowing down.

The company offers ready-made RVs for sale as well as for rental. The company also sells tiny house plans to those who want to build their own tiny house RVs. To help existing and potential customers familiarize themselves with the company’s products and services, Tumbleweed holds numerous workshops throughout the U.S. every year. The workshops have been great platforms for marketing the company as well as recruiting the company’s staff and affiliates. In fact, some of the company’s staff today got interested in the company after attending a workshop. The company’s showroom is located on 1450 Valley Street Colorado Springs, CO.

Tumbleweeds Tiny House Company Structure

Tumbleweed’s staff structure is composed of workshop presenters and hosts, a sales and support team, an office team, and builders.

        • Workshop presenters and hosts

Tumbleweed’s team of workshop presenters and host is composed of highly skilled, experienced, talented and dedicated Tiny House RV builders as well as owners. The main role of this team is to guide you on how to be part of the Tiny House RV movement as well as how to build the perfect Tiny RV that matches your needs perfectly. Unlike most RV companies, Tumbleweed’s workshops are hosted/feature presenters who have actually built and own their own tiny houses. What better way to learn about owning/building a Tiny RV other than from someone who has actually built one.

Tumbleweed also has a sales and support team that handles all customer enquiries. The team is also composed of individuals with experience and expertise in the field. The team is composed of highly experienced and skilled RV owners capable of answering any question you have about owning a Tiny House. The team also believes in the minimalist lifestyle so clients are served by people who love their job and share their passion. Tumbleweed doesn’t have a regular support staff like most RV companies. All sales and support staff are experienced and knowledgeable enough to assist.

Tumbleweed also has an office team which is charged with the task of making sure the entire company is running perfectly.

Tumbleweed builders are highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in charge of building Tumbleweed trailers, barn raisers as well as ready-mades. Tumbleweed products have gained global recognition because of the work of Tumbleweed builders. Combined, the entire team of builders has over six decades of experience in the industry.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Models:

The company manufactures and sells or rents 4 main Tiny House RV models, namely; the ELM, Cypress, Linden and Mica. All models have wheels, traditional proportioning & archetypal form. The models are also designed to offer unmatched comfort and portability. Each model has special features and size variations. The size of the models range from 117 to 177 square feet. All the models feature a full kitchen, main room, sleeping area, bathroom and more. Below is a brief discussion of each of these models.

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This Tiny House RV comes in 3 length variations i.e. 18′ 20′ and 24′ measuring 117, 131 and 161 square feet respectively. The purchase price is $57,000, $60,000 and $66,000 respectively. Rental prices are $433/month, $456/month, and $502/month respectively.

The iconic ELM features a facade with a customized arched window on top of the door. This Tiny RV stands out for its unmatched beauty and functionality. For instance, the RV comes with optional dormers available in the loft for additional space, light and cross breeze. The RV also has a full porch as well as a lancet window which give the RV’s exterior design unmatched charm and elegance.

In regards to sleeping, the ELM offers a mix of possibilities with its loft and downstairs bedroom. Furthermore, the loft can be built with or without dormers to match your needs perfectly. In regards to kitchen options, you can choose full stoves or cook tops. Towing is easy, safe and convenient. The RV is built on four wheels which can be covered. Also, you don’t need any special permit to tow the ELM.

In regards to utilities, the ELM features a full electric system featuring a 50A plug which powers the entire Tumbleweed. The RV also has a split system featuring a 30A plug as well as propane tanks located on the hitch. The propane is used for heating and cooking applications i.e. for the heater, water heater and stove.

The ELM comes with two main plumbing options. One, a full bathroom featuring a shower and a low flush RV toilet which can be easily connected to an external holding tank or sewer. Two, the ELM can also come with a shower and sink (kitchen) connected to a gray water system, external holding tank or sewer and a composting toilet.

Buy The Plans For Elm Tiny House

Additional details of the smallest ELM i.e. the ELM 18 equator’s RV details are as follows;

  • The Elm Tiny House
  • Description: Tumbleweed Elm Main Specs
  • Downstairs: 117 square feet
  • Upstairs loft: 46 square feet
  • Usable space: 163 square feet
  • Sleeps: 3
  • House Width: 7’6’’
  • Trailer bed: 18’
  • House height: 13’4’’
  • Ceiling height: 6’6’’
  • Loft height: 3’6’’
  • Dry weight: 8,000
  • DIY Materials: $27,000+

The Cyprus also comes in three main length variations namely; 18′ 20′ and 24′ measuring 130, 144 and 172 square feet respectively. The purchase price is $57,000, $60,000 and $66,000 respectively. Rental prices are $433/month, $456/month, and $502/month respectively. The Cyprus stands out for making the most use of its interior space. The RV features a corner porch and uses the extra room as functional interior space. The RV’s aesthetic appeal also stands out thanks to its recessed porch and hipped roof which add a rhythm of depth and design.

The Cyprus offers a wide range of sleeping and kitchen options. First and foremost, the RV has multiple bedroom and loft combinations to suit your needs perfectly. In regards to kitchen options, you can choose cook tops or full stoves. Kitchen floor plans allow you to have a kitchen situated in front of the nook. The towing and utility features/options are similar to the ELM.

Buy The Plans For Cypress Tiny House

RV interior/exterior details: The Cypress 18 Equator

  • The Cypress Tiny House
  • Description: Tumbleweed Cypress Main Specs
  • Downstairs: 130 square feet
  • Upstairs loft: 46 square feet
  • Usable space: 176 square feet
  • Sleeps: 3
  • House Width: 7’6’’
  • Trailer bed: 18’
  • House height: 13’4’’
  • Ceiling height: 6’6’’
  • Loft height: 3’6’’
  • Dry weight: 8,000
  • DIY Materials: $27,000+
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This Tiny House RV comes in one length/size variation i.e. 20’, 131 square feet. The Linden can easily qualify as the most unique of all Tumbleweed RVs based on this fact. The RV however looks similar to the ELM. The Linden price is similar to a similar-sized ELM at $60,000 (buying price) and $456 per month (rental price).

The Linden features a great room that is perfect for small meetings and gatherings. The RV also features an innovative loft. The roof also stands out thanks to two dormers that offer more space and let in more light while adding to the RVs classic design. The Linden also has a great full porch that acts as a great sitting and relaxation area.

In regards to the sleeping options, the Linden comes with a downstairs bedroom option. The RVs loft offers more head space than all other models. As a result, the Linden is the best Tumbleweed RV for you if you’re keen on maximizing head space. The kitchen, towing and utilities features/options are similar to the ELM and Cypress RVs.

Buy The Plans For Linden Tiny House

RV interior/exterior details: The Linden 20 Equator

  • The Linden Tiny House
  • Description: Tumbleweed Linden Main Specs
  • Downstairs: 131 square feet
  • Upstairs loft: 46 square feet
  • Usable space: 177 square feet
  • Sleeps: 3
  • House Width: 7’6’’
  • Trailer bed: 20’
  • House height: 13’4’’
  • Ceiling height: 6’6’’
  • Loft height: 3’6’’
  • Dry weight: 8,800
  • DIY Materials: $29,000+

The Mica also comes in three length/size variations i.e. 20’, 24’ and 26’ feet in length and 170, 204 and 221 square feet respectively. The purchase price is $60,000, $66,000 and $69,000 respectively. Rental prices are $456/month, $502/month, and $524/month respectively. The Mica stands out for being Tumbleweed’s sleekest and most modern Tiny RV. The Mica features a hot rolled weathering siding made of steel. This feature sets the Mica apart from any other Tiny RV available in the market today.

The RV also stands out for maximizing space (given it is 8 feet, 5 inches wide) minus the hurdles of getting special towing permits. The floor plan is also unmatched, featuring single level recreation and a full sized bedroom, separate bath and kitchen as well as great open views. The sleeping options are equally impressive given the RV has a downstairs bedroom featuring in-built shelving, a closet space and storage above the bed.

In regards to the kitchen options, the Mica also has full stove and cook top options to suit the most adventurous cooking preferences. The towing and utilities features/options are similar to the other models.

Buy The Plans For The Mica Tiny House

RV interior/exterior details: The Mica 20

  • The Mica Tiny House
  • Description: Tumbleweed Mica Main Specs
  • Downstairs: 170 square feet
  • Upstairs loft: N/A
  • Usable space: 170 square feet
  • Sleeps: 2
  • House Width: 8’6’’
  • Trailer bed: 20’
  • House height: 11’6’’
  • Ceiling height: 7’10’’
  • Loft height: N/A
  • Dry weight: 10,000
  • DIY Materials: $29,000+

Other options

In case you don’t want to buy any of the ready-made Tumbleweed models for any reason i.e., you want to add/remove some features, details etc., you can consider buying house plans from Tumbleweed Tiny House to make your own Tiny House RV from scratch. Tumbleweed Tiny House plans have many notable benefits over regular house plans from regular RV companies. Some of the most notable benefits are discussed below.

Why should you consider buying tiny house plans from Tumbleweed?

Check This YouTube Video on Why Choosing Tumbleweed – I found made by Tumbleweed Houses
  1.  Unmatched detail: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers building plans featuring unmatched details from the floor to the roof and exterior elevation plans. The plans detail everything you need to know to make you own Tumbleweed perfectly. When you buy Tumbleweed tiny house plans, you get a floor plan, framing plan, exterior elevation plan, roof plan, foundation plan, material list, electrical plan as well as transverse and engineering sections showing important details, nail schedules, types of materials and so much more. Unlike other RV guides out there, you don’t need any assistance whatsoever when you buy tiny RV house plans from Tumbleweed.
  1. The plans have been prepared by true RV professionals: As mentioned above, Tumbleweed is home to some of the best RV builders in America. The staff are highly skilled and experienced on top of being dedicated and passionate about RV building. Most RV plans out there have been prepared by amateurs out to make quick cash. As a result, you should really consider buying tiny house plans to avoid wasting your time and money as well as endangering your health and safety during your RV building endeavors.
  1. Money back guarantee: You should also consider buying tiny house plans from Tumbleweed tiny house company because they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Unlike other RV plans, you get a 100% refund with no questions asked if you buy and aren’t satisfied with any Tumbleweed house plan. In simple terms, purchasing Tumbleweed plans is a risk-free affair.
  1. Instant download: Purchased house plans are downloadable instantly in PDF format which simply means you don’t have to wait to get started.
  1. You stand to save a lot of time and money: Tumbleweed Tiny house plans have been tested and proven to save DIY RV builders 100+ man hours and thousands of dollars.
  1. Unmatched customer service: As mentioned above, Tumbleweed tiny house company has a team of dedicated sales and support staff who don’t stop until customers are 100% satisfied. Unlike building plans from many other RV manufacturers, you are guaranteed of getting help when executing your Tumbleweed building plan
  1. Installment payment: You also have the rare option of paying in 3 installments when you buy tiny house plans from Tumbleweed.
  1. Countless positive customer review: Tumbleweed boasts of having countless positive customer reviews online. Tumbleweed RV building plans have been praised extensively as being very detailed yet simple and easy to follow/use. The same can’t be said for most RV plans available today.
  1. Reasonable pricing: On top of offering installment payment options, Tumbleweed’s house plans are among the cheapest most detailed plans available today. For $499 only (which is in fact a discounted price) you get a complete plan packed with all the details you need to build your own RV.
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The above Tumbleweed Tiny House Company review summarizes everything you need to know about the company from the introduction and why they stand out to why you should consider buying their RVs and RV plans. Tumbleweed is undoubtedly one of the best nationally certified recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturing companies today going by the above information. The company has been tested and proven to be the best by its clients. Reputable bodies such as the U.S. Green Building council, Better Business Bureau and the RVIA among many others have also accredited/certified the company and its products. Nothing more needs to be said. Tumbleweed stands out as one of the best (if not the best) in its field.

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