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This Tiny House in California is For Sale

The COVID-19 crisis that has wreaked havoc across the entire globe, has encouraged many Americans to escape from their jam-packed and hectic cities and head towards the wilds, where you don’t have to put much effort to stay 6 feet+ away from other folks.

As unemployment shakes the financial ground and those who are currently employed are anxious about their future, it appears that a simple and small house lifestyle is about to change from a TV craze to a lifestyle that more and more consumers may consider seriously.

As demand is currently up, a solid concern is whether the tiny house sector can build-up to please consumers that are seeking a tiny retreat. 

Due to the fact that the nationwide lockdown orders are intended to control the spread of the virus, people have gotten out of heavily crowded regions like N.Y.C and L.A, for more remote and rural areas.

Some famous retreats have imposed limitations to ward off anyone who is not a permanent resident–among these are the popular Tony beach towns in the Hamptons, in the outskirts of N.Y.C.

Texas-native small home developer Andrew Pleban comments that it’s quite hard to catch up with the high demand throughout the nation. And there has been a housing scarcity even before the burst of the pandemic.

His business “American Tiny House” company, is presently building more than 1K small homes for projected small-home neighborhoods across Texas, the biggest property of which is a house stretching 6-acres, just outside Dallas city. 

He adds that these are “popping up everywhere” and that he is busy from 7 a.m to midnight,  implying a huge growing trend in Texas.

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For anyone that wishes to switch to a more simplistic lifestyle, there is a tiny home property in Los Angeles and is ideal for a couple.

tiny house for sale

The brand new tiny house is found in Los Angeles, California, and waits for someone to make it their home. This small house was constructed in the last year.

It stretches just 200 sq. feet, but based on the manner this space will be utilized, that could suffice for the needs of the resident. The interior features a single bedroom with a bathroom and a kitchen.

It sells just for $34.450 and it’s movable, allowing the owners to move it wherever they wish.

The tiny home measures, 22 feet in length and 13.5 in width. The ceiling and walls are constructed by shiplap wood and plasterboard, for all those “Fixer Upper” fans.

Visitors of the house will spot a bedroom which is actually a loft that lies on top of the house, allowing a tad more privacy.

The kitchen also comes with custom cabinetry, fridge, countertop, and electric stove, apartment fridge, sink, and faucet –all the essentials basically. There no big problems with the house and so if California natives are seriously considering purchasing such a retreat, now it’s the perfect time to do so.

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