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The 5 Best Small Houses For Rent Around Austin, Texas

If you live in and around the Austin area, you probably know a healthy bit about the hustle and bustle of city life. Austin is one of the most urban, upstart communities in the continental United States. Because of this, it can often end up feeling like a ‘concrete jungle’.

small houses for rent

Those who look for smaller-scale, efficient and low-cost living may feel like they don’t have many opportunities.

Luckily, Austin isn’t like many other large cities. In fact, the city of Austin, and Texas in general, is incredibly welcoming of modern tiny living. There is a wide range of opportunities for those seeking tiny houses for rent in Texas – and Austin certainly has no shortage of its own incredible tiny homes.

Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k x
Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k

If you are living in the Austin area, or are planning on visiting there, you may have some questions about tiny home living in the city. Let’s take a moment to really explore what it is like to live in a tiny home in Austin, Texas.

What is it Like Living in a Tiny Home in Texas?

tiny houses for rent in texas

The phrase ‘everything is bigger in Texas’, may lead you to think that the tiny home living scene isn’t exactly prevalent in the Lone Star state. However, in that regard, you would be wrong. Texas is actually rated among the top 5 states in the country to own a tiny home. In fact, the entire state itself is almost a haven for tiny home owners – whether you wish to rent or own.

The city of Austin has become somewhat of a central hub for tiny home living in Texas. This is mainly due to local city ordinances making it incredibly easy for residents to buy property, and built their own tiny homes to their liking. However, there are a few other factors that play into what makes Austin such a hotspot for tiny houses.

  • Resources are plentiful. The state of Texas is one of the most resource-rich states in the country.
  • The city of Austin is booming with young families and individuals who are more environmentally conscious.
  • City ordinances make it incredibly easy to obtain permits and zoning permissions to buy land and build your very own tiny home.
  • The state of Texas is home to some of the most skilled, and knowledgeable professionals in the home building industry. To put it quite frankly, it seems that all of the evidence is suggesting that the city of Austin is rapidly becoming a target destination for tiny home owners, and tiny home lovers.
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Where Can I Get Some Ideas for Tiny Home Living In Austin?

If you are interested in owning a tiny home in Austin, or even simply building one to rent out and use for your hospitality business, you likely need some ideas. Texas is famous for being a state filled with personality. Everyone knows the famous Texas twang and attitude that has permeated Texas culture since its earliest days. Because of this, tiny home owners in the city of Austin also want their tiny homes to reflect that famous Texas mindset.

You wouldn’t want to build a luxurious Manhattan-style tiny home in the heart of cowboy country. Those who live in the city of Austin value rugged, self-sustaining, cutting edge, and earthy vibe to their homes. So if you are having a hard time envisioning how to design your tiny Texas home, then let’s take a look at some of the most quintessential ‘Texas’ style tiny homes on the market surrounding Austin.

Rugged ‘Barn’ Style Tiny Home In The Heart of The City

small houses for rent

This tiny home for rent in the center of Austin is the perfect example of what Austin tiny home owners love. It is sleek, self-sufficient, compact, and rugged all at the same time. It provides that unique country feel that makes you feel like you are ‘out on the range’ in the heart of the city. In also provides all of the essential hallmarks of what tiny home lovers adore.

small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent

Fredericksburg Romantic Winery Cottage

small houses for rent

While not exactly within the ‘city’ of Austin, this romantic winery cottage is just outside of it. I wanted to talk about this property because of how uniquely designed it is. It provides an old-world cottage feel, that makes you feel like you should be enjoying a glass of red wine with Mark Twain. However, it simultaneously provides the low profile and low maintenance appeal of a tiny home. It is both elegant, high society, and tiny.

small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent

Lake Travis Treehouse

small houses for rent

The city of Austin is one of the most rapidly growing tech markets in the nation. They call it the new ‘Silicon Valley’ for good reason. This exotic treehouse on Lake Travis exudes everything that Austin has developed into over the last several years. Modern, peaceful, natural, and absolutely breathtaking. Every bit of this tiny treehouse home feels like something truly futuristic, and yet historic at the same time.

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small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent

Texas Shipping Container Home, Waco

small houses for rent

If you’ve been following the tiny house movement for some time, you have probably seen these amazingly unique shipping containers converted homes. The idea is that you take an old shipping container, and completely overhaul it into a liveable space for your tiny home.

There are tons of amazing examples of these on the market, and it’s easy to see why. For example, the cost of materials for shipping container tiny homes is almost rock bottom. This shipping container tiny home in Waco is a perfect example of efficiency, ingenuity, problem-solving, and unique ambition in a tiny home.

small houses for rent
small houses for rent

The Smallest Container In Waco

small houses for rent

Similar to the shipping container home mentioned above, this tiny container home takes shipping container living to new levels. Every inch of this tiny container home is used in a totally efficient, and thoughtful manner.

From the hidden bed to the stunning rooftop terrace, everything is designed with elegance and efficiency in mind. Not to mention, the stunning scenery surrounding this tiny container home will have you feeling truly one with nature.

So as you can see, there are plenty of unique ideas and styles of tiny houses surrounding the Austin area. If you are interested in building your very own tiny home, you have plenty of examples to draw inspiration from. Which brings me to my final point of discussion.

small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent
small houses for rent

What You Need To Know To Start A Tiny Home Airbnb In Texas

Aside from those who wish to live 365 days a year in their tiny houses, there are plenty of travelers who wish to give tiny home living a go for a few nights only. Tiny homes are some of the most popular booking destinations on Airbnb, and owning a tiny home can be an incredibly lucrative business opportunity for anyone.

As we discussed above, the state of Texas makes owning a tiny home very easy.

However, if you are considering building a tiny home yourself for business purposes, you may have a few questions you want to be answered before you get started. Let’s discuss briefly a few of them.

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Are tiny houses legal in Texas?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, as we spoke about above, many city ordinances in Texas are very encouraging of tiny house owners. Texas state laws love to support locals who buy land and take the time to build their own property. Provided the building meets local safety standards and licensing requirements, of course.

How much does a tiny house cost in Texas?

In general, the cost of operations to get a tiny house up and running is going to vary greatly. It is all going to boil down to your own needs, location, property size, and overhead costs. Many tiny home owners have been able to have their tiny homes built for as little as $10,000. However, in that case, you are likely going to be building your home yourself, and keeping things as low-maintenance as possible.

If you wish to hire a contractor and maintain certain amenities such as running water and easy access to electricity, you could see costs in excess of $25,000. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact price point, but know that as little as $10,000 is certainly possible.

Can you Airbnb a tiny house?

Of course, you can! As mentioned before, tiny houses are among the most booked and visited destinations across all Airbnb bookings, worldwide. People LOVE staying in unique, and one-of-a-kind housing situations.

Final Thoughts

There is a certain mindset that goes hand-in-hand with tiny house living: ‘I want to live as low impact, low cost, and low stress of a lifestyle as I can’. That mindset fits perfectly with the local ideals of the city of Austin. While most may think of Texans and imagine rowdy cowboys in big trucks, the city of Austin is in a world of its own. Austin is filled with individuals who want to keep their lives as simple, yet as modern as they can. Because of that, Austin has become a prime destination for tiny home owners.

You can join them.

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