allwood estelle tiny cabin

Allwood Estelle 5 – 157 SQF Cabin Kit, Garden House – $6,395.00

This Allwood Estelle 5 is another fantastic cabin that you buy quickly. Its design is specifically made as a unique, divided space where you can feel free to do whatever you want. It is a multipurpose solid wood cabin kit with the highest quality.

The magnificent interior of this cabin consists of two sections separated by a wall. You would not get this feature in a small-scale cabin. The smaller room in the cabin is mainly for storage function, but it can easily be changed into a bathroom or a sleeping alcove as per your preferences. You can easily add a door to the separation wall.

allwood estelle tiny cabin

This multipurpose cabin gives you a lot of different options for customizing the cabin. Whatever you want to do in the cabin, be it a home office, a beach house, or a storage compartment. It depends on you as it is very spacious for any function.

The assembly of this cabin will take around 10 hours for two adults which is a moderate amount of time for assembling a cabin. It will only need a minimal amount of tool kits for the assembling of the cabin. You would not require special skills for this task as it is straightforward giving that you follow the instruction manual.

allwood estelle tiny cabin frame

Here are the main key features:

  • The main room is 105 square foot
  • A wall can separate
  • Two rooms
  • High-quality multipurpose cabin
  • Can be used as a beach house, home office or a storage compartment
  • Minimal kits for assembling
  • 10 hours assembling for two adults
  • Five years’ manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Height overall: 7’10” – the height of walls: 6’9″
  • Here’s a link to Allwood Accessories to help finish your cabin out
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Now have your special cabin ready at all times for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach day or a picnic on an island. With the easy assembly and high quality, you are all set with Allwood Estelle.

NOTE: These first few cabins don’t provide for running water and there is no toilet. So make provisions for an ice chest or apartment sized fridge and microwave along with a chemical john and lightweight moveable screen for privacy. Plus a portable generator.

Here’s a post about generator recommendations for travel trailers that should be helpful. Many key points will match your needs in a remote cabin.

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