Allwood Halmstad -106 SQF Studio Kit Cabin- $5,490

Here’s another truly petite cabin, designed as a deer lease bungalow or back yard retreat for one or maybe two.

It’s just about the same size as a common tiny cabin and can serve many purposes. If you build a big deck around it, you could even sleep outside in a hammock during fine weather and be overwhelmed by the stars in a pitch-black country night sky.

allwood halmstad tiny cabin

And that might be worth the investment all by itself.

Here are the main features:

  • Inside Floor Area:116 Sqf
  • Wall thickness: 3/4″ (19 mm) – T&G pattern
  • Ideal hunting cabin, home office or guesthouse
  • Estimated assembly time 8 hours for two adults
  • Can be assembled as a mirror image (door on the left-hand wall)
  • Here’s a link to Allwood Accessories to help finish your cabin out

NOTE: These kits are very new, so few have reviews so far, If you buy one, please let us know how your experience went. Post a comment below.

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