alwood summerlight best tiny cabins

Allwood Summerlight – 150 SQF Tiny Cabin Kit

This tiny cabin is full of sunshine and sunlight, as it has incredible windows that connect you with nature itself.

Allwood Summerlight cabin kit features traditional timeless lines that would be in any garden at home. Combined with double doors and adjacent windows, the significant Polycarbonate Glazed Roof region makes this one of the lightest and most airy cabins accessible.

summerlight best tiny cabins

This cabin assembly requires two adults a whole day. It takes only minimal instruments. Step by step, guidelines for DIY comes with the kit. Installers from third parties generally charge $650 to assemble this model.

Extra work for the foundation would be added as an additional cost. But this cabin can be constructed easily by two adults in the household themselves as it has the most evident guidelines.

It has sustainable, thick grain and slowly cultivated Nordic spruce floor and materials for the roof construction available with it. You can easily use it however you want for a better-looking cabin for your home garden or as an outhouse.

Here are the main features of this product

  • A big polycarbonate glazed roof
  • Lightest and most airy cabin
  • Easy assembling
  • Thick grain and Nordic spruce floor
  • Pre-assembled gables
  • Floor area: 150 SQF
  • Outside dimensions: 14”x14.”
  • Inside dimensions: 12.3”x12.3.”
  • This Allwood Summerlight tiny cabin is one of the best in the market that you can quickly get and assemble.


Moreover, it has a unique build, containing large windows for fantastic summer light. All the best possible materials are used to keep it durable and functioning for a long time. This cabin would not lose its charm over the years, and you would not get bored with it.

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NOTE: These first few cabins don’t provide for running water and there is no toilet. So make provisions for an ice chest or apartment sized fridge and microwave along with a chemical john and lightweight moveable screen for privacy. Plus a portable generator.

Here’s a post about generator recommendations for travel trailers that should be helpful. Many key points will match your needs in a remote cabin.

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