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Consider Building a Tiny House Stairs Instead of Ladder

After being adjusted to the minimalist tiny house lifestyle equipped with a ladder – it becomes clear that a ladder may not be a perfect solution to access tiny house loft areas, particularly when it comes to homeowners with pets, children, or elderly parents/relatives.

tiny house stairs

That’s the main reason for building tiny house stairs instead of a ladder is becoming more and more popular over the years. So, keep reading this article as you will benefit from lots of useful information to construct tiny house staircase for you.

Using tiny house stairs is the most convenient way to climb loft space. Though it takes more space as compare to a ladder, you can choose among five popular designs to the next level.

Following the staircase regulation, you should have a minimum width of 2’ to 3’ with 8’ ceiling height, depending on the size of your own tiny house.

Moreover, don’t forget to allocate 8’ to 9’ horizontal space towards building comfortable yet right proportion stairs.

How to Build a Perfect Tiny House Stairs?

People living in tiny houses are more space-conscious than people living in traditional spacious residences. So, People living in small houses are more space-conscious than people living in traditional spacious residences. So, building perfect yet minimalistic tiny house stairs is all they need to get the most out of the space.

How Do Build Stairs in a Small Space?

The easiest yet ideal approach towards building tiny house stairs in a small space is a series of storage boxes that are stacked together. Diy storage stair is the simplest yet compact way of building a stair in your tiny house plans. In this way, you can get extra storage space beneath the stairs that solve your storage issues.

How Do You Calculate Rise and Run for the Stairs?

Calculating rise and run for your tiny house stairs is crucial because it’ll help to design perfect yet comfortable set of stairs for people.

To calculate Run (Horizontal Length):

Number of Tread x Typical Depth of Tread

To calculate Rise (Vertical Length):

Number of Riser x Typical Height of Riser

How to Calculate Riser and Tread

The process of finding the perfect height of riser and length of the tread is based on the trial and error method. The below formula suits best for people who’ve fixed run.

To calculate riser height

Riser Height = Floor to Loft height / (number of steps + 1)

To calculate tread length

Tread Length = Length of Stairs / Number of Steps

Initially, you don’t know the exact number of steps or risers, so the trial and error method will be the best way to design a stair according to the available space.

Type of Tiny House Stairs

The tiny house stairs come in different types. You can choose the size of the stairs depending on your needs. The single — width tiny house stairs are mostly used in homes and the double — width tiny house stairs are mostly used in boats, trailers and mobile homes.

There is also a folding type of stair that is not very common but is good for saving space if you don’t have enough space to store them.

The narrow type of tiny house stairs can be very helpful if you have a small home or apartment and need to move around frequently because it is very lightweight.

This type of stairs is often preferred by travelers because they are portable, easy to use and very helpful when traveling around on their small boat or trailer.

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You don’t have to worry about storing your furniture or anything else that may not fit into your home because these portable tiny house steps are foldable, so they don’t take up much space at all. They are perfect for people who live in tiny house because they can be folded up and moved into another place when you want to use them.

They are very easy to fold up, so you don’t have to worry about storing them. These portable tiny house steps are also perfect for people who travel a lot because they don’t take much space at all.

They are also lightweight, so they are easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

You can use the tiny house steps for storage purposes if you need more room in your home, because these portable stairs can be folded up and stored in a small place without taking much space at all.

You can use the portable tiny house steps for any purpose like storage, furniture, etc.

What are the Tiny House Stairs Building Regulation?

Just like every other thing in your modern tiny house design, your stairs also have to be up to residential state code regulation. Below are some requirements that need to follow while building stairs in your tiny home.


According to IRC (International Residential Code), the tread’s minimum width should be 17” above or 20” below of handrail.


It’s the space above your head for easy movement beneath the stairs. So, following the regulation, you should maintain a headroom of 6’ and 2” in your home design. You can keep the headroom as close as possible without violating the regulation to make the most out of your space.

Riser Height

According to the code, the riser height should be less than 12” but above 7”.


Installing handrails on your tiny house stairs makes it safer, also making your spiral stairs up to the code. Moreover, the tiny house handrails guidelines are similar to traditional homes.

Multiple Designs for Tiny House Stairs

Usually, tiny space homeowners condemn the idea of stairs due to the wastage of space. In actuality, building stairs instead of ladders won’t be a huge compromise due to below mention designs:

Retractable Staircase

tiny house stairs

The retractable staircase ideas are fully customizable based on your available space and can easily be hidden away when not in use.

Storage Staircase


Storage space is primarily the most important feature for tiny house living, and building stairs with storage is no less than a dream for space-conscious people.

The storage staircase provides ample space and a great opportunity for difficult to utilize spaces in the house. Hence, well-designed stairs with built-in storage in tiny living may even double the amount of available storage in your house.

Pull-out Staircase

tiny house stairs

If you want to keep your house as minimalistic as possible? Then pull-out stairs will be the perfect solution. It’s a kind of flexible arrangement where the tiny house stairs disappear into the wall, leaving sufficient space for movement and storage.

Simply pull-out the stairs when you need to access or fold the stairs away when not in use. Moreover, you can also add railing in it, if you’ve children or elder people living with you.

Open Staircase

tiny house stairs

If you have a spacious house, then a traditional tiny house or extra storage is not a problem, then you can opt for an open spiral staircase design, making it feel less bulky.

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The open stairs design lies in-between a stair and a ladder, allowing unhindered access to the loft and effectively opens up the rest of the living space.

Makeshift Staircase


The technique of ingeniously designed staircase by assembling heavy-duty pieces of furniture that would serve as steps is known as a makeshift staircase.

In general, it doesn’t look like a stair at all and also doesn’t occupy too much space in your tiny house.

Well, this idea might be useful for younger people living in a house because of inconsistent riser’s height.

Why You Should Consider Tiny House Stairs

The ability to navigate your house without needing to walk up and down the stairs is something that everyone would like to have. That is why you should consider building your own stairs for your tiny house.

There are many benefits that come with using the stairs in a small building, such as:

Tiny house stairs can provide a lot of benefits for you and your family when it comes to accessing different parts of your home or if case someone wants to enter your tiny house from a different place in the building.

Tiny House Stairs will help keep your home clean because you do not have to walk on the ground when going upstairs or downstairs from one part of the building to another.

The size of these stairs will allow people who live in small houses to easily access different parts of their homes without having to use ladders or any other kinds of steps.

Tiny House Stairs are also a great idea because they will allow you to keep your building safe from any accidents that may happen while using them.

The size of these stairs will allow people who live in small houses to easily access different parts of their homes without having to use ladders or any other kinds of steps in order for them to get up there safely.

The quality of the tiny house stairs is very good, and they are very durable. They are made from steel, which makes them long — lasting and strong. They can last for years and years with minimal maintenance.

The fact that they are made from steel means that they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and can still work without any problems at all.

You will not have any problems installing the tiny house stairs because they come with all the necessary tools that you need to install them in your home easily and quickly.

You will not have any problems with installing them in your home because it is really easy to do so and it only takes a few minutes for you to install them in your home if you use these steps properly.

This means that you will not have any problems with installing them in your home, and they will be working perfectly without any problems at all.

The tiny house stairs can hold a lot of weight. They are very strong, and they can hold up to 400 pounds, which is a lot of weight in a small space.

This means that you will not have any problems moving a lot of weight in your home when you use the tiny house stairs because they are very strong and very durable.

DIY Tiny House Staircase: Things to Consider

Tiny house stairs may be very important, but they can also be quite challenging. It is no secret that tiny houses are smaller than traditional houses. Therefore, they do not have a lot of space to spare.

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You must also consider the fact that the tiny house will be on wheels and so it will not have a lot of room for storage. If you want to create a functional and sturdy stairway in your tiny house, then you must consider a few things.

A little planning is essential when it comes to building a good tiny house stairway.

You need to take into consideration how you are going to move your furniture from one floor to another, as well as where you are going to store all of your possessions when you go on vacation or when you go camping.

For this reason, it is essential that you think about how the stairway will be used in order for it to be effective and functional.

If you want a good staircase in your tiny house, then you should consider the size of the floor space in your home. If there is not enough space in your home for a full-sized staircase, then building one that fits within the existing layout of your home will be the best option.

If you do not have enough space for a full-sized staircase, then you should consider using a set of small stairs. You should also consider the fact that your tiny house will be on wheels and so it will be mobile.

If you want to build a good stairway in your tiny house, then you must consider the size of the wheels and how they will fit into your existing floor plan. You must also think about how easy it is going to be to move your tiny house around when you are building it.

If it is going to be difficult to move around, then you might want to rethink about how you are going to use your stairs.

The ideal tiny house stairway is one that does not take up too much space and yet still offers a sturdy and functional design. It is important that you think about the safety of the staircase as well as the safety of all of your possessions in order for them not to fall down the staircase when moving around in your tiny house.

In order for a good staircase to work effectively, it must offer a solid design as well as function, as an actual staircase would work in any other home or building that was designed with safety in mind.


Have yHave you seen it? Storage isn’t a problem in tiny house movement even with tiny house stairs – Deciding between stairs and ladder might be a tough call, but it really comes down to what you need.

If mobility is not an issue for people living in the tiny house, you can go with ladders, but if it’s the issue, then look no further than stairs. Consider building a perfect stair and make your life easier with it.

The tiny house stairs are a wonderful product to have. The tiny house stairs can be a great investment for your home.

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