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Make Your Mother Feel Special by Gifting Her an Incredible Tiny Home

If you have been showering your mother with typical gifts on each mother’s day, then it’s time to create a difference by gifting the long-held dream of your mother – her own house. But you might have a fear of outrageous costs of buying or building a home in today’s economy for your mother?

Actually, you can get your brand new dream home at an affordable price. In this article, we are going to reveal some fantastic information about how and where to buy the best tiny cabins or incredible tiny homes on wheels at an affordable price that makes your mother feel special.

Incredible tiny homes have many advantages over traditionally constructed houses, and the main benefit is cost-saving. A perfect prefab house can cost you around $10,000 to $20,000, and buying is always considered as a cheaper option as compared to building that one.

There are lots of trustworthy companies available in the market like Jamaica Cottage Shop because they offer a variety of English cottage house plans, with many of them customizable to suit your own needs.

Top 5 Prefab Homes to Gift Your Mother

Writer’s Haven

incredible tiny homes

Is your mother fond of writing? Then this might be the most fascinating gift to her, where she can live with her own thoughts. Its unique design fills with a richness of natural lighting due to an abundance of windows and translucent roofing.

Anyone can spend their whole day to relax on a daybed and enjoy their free time in reading and writing. The actual price of this magical haven is $4,716, but you can grab at a discounted price (Mother’s Day Sale) of $3,944 only. This fantastic tiny home is ideal for your backyard gateway or storage shed.

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incredible tiny homes

It may not seems pleasing to your mother, but its heritage style design, along with spacious rooms, will definitely solve her storage problem. This spacious multi-room bungalow has separate entry to each room. It’s sufficiently designed to park your tractor or recreational vehicles in a room and sit in next to it equipped with a working bench along with spacious cabinets. The actual price of this antique-style tiny cabin is $9,302, but you can grab at a discount price (Mother’s Day Sale) of $7,314. You can use it as a workshop or transform it into tiny living.

Vermont Cabin

incredible tiny homes

The specialty of this incredible tiny home is its tenon timber frame construction. It’s a perfect amalgamation of looks as well as functionality. It open style English cottage house plans offer plenty of opportunity for creativity. Its super full loft design provides enough head-space along with a spacious interior. It’s designed to be installed on a concrete slab. The actual price of this dormitory is $30,541, but you can grab this deal in as low as $29,199. The offer is valid one week after Mother’s Day.


incredible tiny homes

This 160 square feet tiny cabin is perfectly designed with the asymmetrical roofline. Due to its multiple windows design, it looks larger and spacious. The concept behind designing smith haven to utilize as an artist studio, small office, or a treehouse facility. Its open floor plan design gives your freedom to customize on your own. The actual price of this dormitory is $9,270, but as the Mother’s Day sale is on – you can grab this house in as low as $8,198. It comes with a complete solution from electrical to plumbing, insulation to accessories.

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incredible tiny homes

This 192 square feet tiny house called “XYLIA” designed with five windows and a single access door. Its name represents the house with wood and a perfect choice that offers countless solutions for users. Its unique post and beam style fulfills all your need. You may use it as a backyard storage space, cottage, or a playhouse. Your mother will love this because it offers to escape the chaos and revitalize your soul. The actual price of this house is $6,193, but you can buy in as low as $4,784 as mother’s day sale is on.

What’s Good About Jamaica Cottage Shop?

Their modular homes are not the cookie-cutter houses of years past; instead, they are distinctive, affordable houses with style and genuine curb appeal. They only use native Vermont, hemlock, and kiln-dried original pine wood for the construction of these tiny homes. They always prefer to use a local, sustainable timer to avoid moist and smelly wood that irritates you. They have a variety of English cottage house plans on their website which you can check and opt as per your need.


This is the perfect time to place your order or buy an incredible tiny home for your mother as the mother’s day is approaching to make her day extra special. There are lots more choices available in which you can customize and gift your mother that perfectly matches her long-held dream.

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