Find Your Cool Tiny House Plans

Find Your Cool Tiny House Plans

Before you get started on building your tiny house, a plan is much needed. Don’t underestimate its size – the tiniest of homes still need thorough planning to ensure its safety and liveability. When you’re going to live in a tiny house permanently, you would want to settle on a design that you’re satisfied with and won’t get bored of easily.

If you’re an architect, that would make the process easier and less costly. If you’re not one, don’t worry. Some companies are able to provide you with just the design, leaving you to DIY the house. Others are able to do the whole build from start to finish. Depending on what your goals are, there are various outlets to go to.

Keep reading on what it takes to get a great tiny house plan.


Planning a build

More often than not, most tiny house owners will live a similar lifestyle prior to downsizing. Although most will find that they’ve reduced their consumption, from use of energy to material goods, their hobbies and day-to-day living generally stays the same. If you enjoyed cooking while living in a traditional home, chances are you’ll still want to cook every now and then in your tiny house.

Before even thinking about the aesthetics of your tiny house, think about what you prioritize in a home. For instance, if you want to let your inner chef shine, make sure you have a dedicated cooking and prepping space. Keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice a small part of your home for it, which is why it’s best to make a list and order it according to priority.

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Be brave to experiment

Take this time to make mistakes. At this stage, you’re still only in the beginning of the building process, so a few botched designs and floor plans are understandable. For tiny home trailers and the like, it may be easier to settle on a floorplan, as it’s all generally a long rectangular shape. You may have more creative freedom over floorplans for permanent tiny houses.



Once you have a rough idea on how the main layout will look like, start sketching in the details. It’s best to think about your habits and design your home to accommodate for your convenience. There may be other smaller, yet important, details to include that can often slip your mind, like where your pantry or trash will go. Just remember what your priorities are and everything else will fall into place after.

Sleep on it

When you’re indecisive on a particular design element, set it aside for a few sleeps and come back to it. Generally, if you’re still thinking about how important and how much you need that particular thing, it may be a sign that you should implement it in your plan.

Of course, it’s natural for plans not to work on the first go. You may have to scratch out a design and start again, but allow yourself to make adjustments. The best thing is to have a fresh pair of eyes to look over the design, as they can often point out things that you may have missed out on.

Types of Tiny House Plans


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There are many options to acquire tiny house plans these days. You can have as much or as little involvement in the design, depending on how unique you want your tiny home to be. Here are 3 different types of plans:

  • Downloadable sketchups. These ones allow you to modify an existing design to match your style and preference. Simply download them and use your laptop or tablet to draw on top of the plan and make adjustments.
  • Basic plans. Without needing to make any more changes, you can purchase a plan as is. These are suitable for those that won’t need to redesign any of the elements.
  • Custom design. If you have a unique idea for your tiny home, you can work with a professional to design a custom plan. Let your creativity and imagination run free!

Different types of plans also have varying inclusions for you to bear in mind. Some plans may include electrical plans, while some may come with a material list. For peace of mind, ensure that the company you purchase a plan from offer after sales support in case you need a hand.

Cost of a Tiny House Plan

Plans for tiny homes vary in prices and are based solely on your needs and complexity of design. With that being said, you should avoid choosing plans based on its price, as it may affect the quality and your overall satisfaction with the house. Basic plans can start from around $50, while advanced custom plans can cost you around $3,000 or more. While the more expensive end of the spectrum is still cheaper than a plan for a conventional family home, consider what your priorities are to come up with a reasonable budget.

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Where to get Tiny House Plans

Here are a few popular places to get plans for your future tiny home:

  • Tiny House Plans. Founders of has created a website that curates the best tiny house plans on the market to ease your search. They also offer an e-course where you can learn how to build your own tiny house.
  • The Tiny House. If you’re after a tiny house on wheels, The Tiny House have downloadable plans starting at $249 that you can purchase. The plans include complete blueprints, trailer specs, and even suggested appliances.
  • Tiny Home Plans. For off the shelf plans, Tiny Home Plans have a few for around $147 with some measuring at 28 ft. All their plans also come with after sales support from their team.
  • The Tiny Project. Each of their tiny house plans are based off actual tiny homes that were constructed. Look no further for tried and tested plans, which are of high quality, safe, and efficient.
  • MiniMotives. Design professional and proud owner of a 196 square foot tiny house, Macy Miller’s MiniMotives offer plans in three different packages. Choose from a basic plan ($125), full plan ($250) or everything plan ($350), which includes a 3D SketchUp model.
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