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Top 9 Tricks to Make Your Tiny House Refrigerator More Effective

Refrigerators have a vital role in keeping food fresh in the home. They also save people the trouble of having to go for groceries multiple times because you can buy food in bulk. While some people can have big refrigerators in their houses, some find themselves stuck with tiny house refrigerator.

If you do not have the right tricks for utilizing tiny fridges, you may end up with a headache anytime there is a need to store something or when you need to remove something. It gets worse when you are in a hurry. Below are some tiny house refrigerator ideas to help you.


Consider Shelving Configuration

Most people are not aware of this important step that could help them utilize the space in their tiny fridges. It involves looking at the configuration of your fridge and considering the tallest items and sizes of the bins and baskets. From the configuration, you will know the things you will need to store upright and which ones you need to keep any other way.


Condensing can help as well and entails removing items from their original containers and storing them in smaller reusable bags. You can put the items in large bins with similar items as well. If you do not own a crisper, then this is a critical step in avoiding spoilage. For your veggies and fruits, you may use fresh paper sheets in containers with vented lids.

The condensing process will not work effectively if you only have a few things such as a few dairy products. Eggs, on the other hand, can work perfectly because you can put the eggs on a tray. If you regularly buy fresh eggs, you do not need to store them in the fridge. You can instead put them in a basket and place it on the kitchen countertop. If you have items like tortillas that are forever falling out from the fridge you can simply roll them up so it can be easier to stick them in bins.

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Make a List of the Necessary Items

You can save a lot of space by storing only what you need in the compact tiny house refrigerator. You should have a loss where you include a new item every time you put it in the fridge. From the list, you will be able to know all the things you have in your fridge and what needs to go. You will also know the foods that are at risk of going bad and hence you need to eat them as soon as possible.

tiny house refrigerator

Use Baskets

Another of the tiny fridge ideas is using baskets. The latter is useful for storing your food products in the fridge. It is better if the baskets are rectangular or square because they save more space as compared to the round baskets. You can find these baskets from both high-end and low-end stores.

Label all Food Items

You should always label the containers in your tiny house refrigerator. These include leftover foods or the ones that you should eat first because they are almost expiring. Not only will you find what you need easily, but it will also be easier to know which foods need to be cooked as soon as possible.

You should always place your basket/bin with thawing meat on the bottom shelves to prevent anything from seeping out and dripping down on other food items on their path. Additionally, when you label everything, there will be less clutter.

You can transfer all the foods you bought from the store such as salsa, hummus in matching jars so that you have an easier time stocking them in the fridge.

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Use Sliding Bins

One of the simplest tiny fridge ideas It can be very difficult retrieving groceries when you have jammed them in the farthest corners of the tiny fridge. Having bins with handles means that you can quickly pull out the various sections of groceries whenever you need them. Using such handles will help you avoid the excavation experience every time you need to cook something.

Line the Shelves

People with transparent shelves often feel like they are walking into a black hole, and this means that they have a difficult time retrieving items. It can be quite consuming as well which means time-consuming in instances when you may need to get something in a hurry.

Using plastic mats can help in organizing things visually. It will also make the cleaning process much easier for you.

Whenever you spot a spill, you can remove everything around the area and proceed to wipe it clean. This is much better as opposed to crouching and trying to reach the area so as to control the mess in the area.

Try Using Binder Clips and Clamps

Stacking is a very useful tip for anyone with a tiny house refrigerator, in need of saving up space. But things do not always go well with stacking as it can get messy very quickly. In such instances, you will find items such as beer bottles rolling around aimlessly and making a mess and much noise whenever you open the fridge.

Using binder clips such things can be helpful in ensuring that the items are well-clipped onto the wire shelves. You may have also experienced small items such as take-out condiments and herbs getting lost among all other items.

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Hanging them from shelves using a clip may also prevent them from getting lost. You can keep magnetic clips on the front part of the fridge or any other place that is within your reach for hanging items such as salad that often spoil quickly if there is no proper sealing.

Six Pack Containers

If you have some items of the same size, you can store them together as well. This will not only enhance neatness, but it will help in saving much-needed space as well. You can store food items such as hot sauce and mustard in six-unit cardboard boxes. You can carry them in the same containers whenever you need to put them on the counter or the table at mealtimes. The best thing about these containers is that they are affordable and easy to find so you can have as many as you need.

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