prefab tiny cabins for under 20k

Prefab Tiny Cabins for Under $20k

Prefab cabins are causing quite a buzz in the tiny house movement. The appeal is in large part due to the significant increase in convenience and time-saving potential, on top of the rustic cabin aesthetic. The idea that you can simply pick out a prefab tiny cabin for under $20k, find it on Amazon and have it shipped to you without all of the hassles, is quite intriguing especially for newcomers to the tiny house movement.

prefab tiny cabins for under 20k

Prefab’ is a shortened term for ‘prefabricated’. This essentially means that the home will be delivered in pre-made pieces which can then be assembled by the owner or trained professionals upon delivery. In many cases, you can even purchase prefab cabins fully assembled.

Prefabricated homes are often get confused with ‘modular’ homes. Technically modular homes are also prefab, however, the process is slightly different in this case. Modular homes will come in large, pre-built rooms that will be assembled in a manner similar to building blocks; prefab manufactured tiny cabins usually come fully assembled, or in large pieces.

The very nature of prefab homes and cabins make them cheaper as well. Due to the decreased waste and costs of materials, prefab cabins on average save tiny home owners up to 20% in total costs when compared to modular homes, or other tiny house varieties. Prefab tiny cabins are typically built with wooden frames that are more eco-friendly, reduce waste, and provide quick and sturdy assembly.

The advantages of choosing a prefab tiny home or cabin over say, and on-site built one, do not end there. There are dozens of reasons why prefab is better than on-site building for tiny house owners, let’s explore a few of them.

best prefab tiny cabins

The Prefab Tiny Cabin Run-down

Even more so than modular tiny houses, prefab tiny cabins are incredibly easy to acquire and will last you for a very long time. To put it simply, if you are in the market for a tiny house or cabin, going prefab is going to save you a lot. By a lot, I mean choosing prefab for your new home will save you time, money, effort and a whole lot of headaches. Here’s how:

Prefab tiny cabins save on time

The primary reason for this is the simplicity and streamlined nature of prefab houses in general. The process begins with ordering the cabin design you prefer, and waiting for it to be delivered. In most cases, home builders can have a tiny cabin fully assembled in mere weeks, as opposed to the months that it can take for on-site building.

Prefab tiny cabins save on money

In addition to the streamlined assembly, you will also find that the prefab tiny cabins are offered in more affordable price than traditional housing. This is due to the fact that everything is built and assembled in a factory, and has already been tested for quality, and passed inspection before it even gets to you. In addition, because prefab tiny houses and cabins are not built on wheel frames like many modular homes, they qualify for a home mortgage loan or finance possibility.

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This means you don’t necessarily need all of the cost up-front like a modular home might require.

Prefab tiny cabins are an investment

In the long run, prefab tiny cabins are an investment just like any other form of housing. Modular homes built on wheelbases are classified under personal property licenses, and therefore will depreciate in value in the same way that a vehicle will. Prefab tiny cabins are classified as real estate, and will actually maintain value so long as they remain in good shape.

Prefab tiny cabins are safe

One common misconception is that prefab tiny houses or cabins will not withstand harsh weather conditions and as such are not safe to live in. Luckily, this is not true at all. Prefab tiny houses and cabins are actually required to undergo safety testing and meet very rigorous specifications in order to be shipped at all. This all happens in the factory before shipment and ensures that when the home arrives, whether in pieces or fully assembled, the structure itself is guaranteed to be sturdy and safe.

Prefab tiny cabins provide flexibility

Prefabricated homes are flexible as they can be customized to your needs and requirements. They are built with modular components which make them easier to move and relocate whenever you want to relocate. You can even choose different colors and designs for your home, giving it a unique look that no other houses have. If you want a tiny house, then you should choose one that is already designed for your needs. This means that the size and the configuration of the house will be just perfect for you. You can have a tiny house that is customized to your preferences and your needs.

You will have all the amenities that you need, and there will be very little customization needed on your part. This makes it very easy for you to live in a tiny house because it already has everything included in it, including appliances, furniture, etc. This means that there are no additional costs or expenses involved in having a tiny house because it is already made with everything included.

Prefab tiny cabins protect the environment

The building materials used in pre-fabricated homes are non-toxic and eco-friendly. This means that the structures do not produce any harmful chemicals or hazardous waste which will damage the environment. This is very important, as we know that environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems we face today and reducing this problem is one of the main reasons why people buy prefabricated homes in their local area today. Another advantage of prefabricated tiny houses is that they are energy efficient because they are already built and ready for you when you get them.

If there are any energy-efficient features in the home, then these features will be installed in the home before it is shipped out to your location. This means that if there are any solar panels or any other energy-efficient features in the tiny house, then they will be installed before it is shipped to your location. This makes it very easy for you to have a home that is energy efficient because all the features have already been installed.

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Prefab tiny cabins are easier to install

Prefab homes have a system of installing them which makes it easier for the builders to install them on the site. Also, since the house is pre-designed, it makes the installation process a lot easier as well. All that is required is to cut and drill holes and install everything according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Prefab tiny homes are extremely strong and durable

Another advantage of prefabricated tiny houses is that they are extremely strong and durable. If you choose a tiny house that has already been built, then it will be built with steel frames and wood siding as well as insulation and waterproofing materials. These materials make the tiny house extremely strong and durable because they can withstand high winds and heavy rains as well as extreme temperatures. This means that you don’t have to worry about your tiny house being damaged by wind or rain because they are very strong and durable.

Where to Find Affordable Prefab Tiny Cabins

If you are living in North America, the good news is that there are a plethora of options for affordable and high-quality prefab tiny houses and cabins. These tiny houses can be assembled, and ready to go in a matter of weeks, and you can be settled in faster than you ever imagined possible.

Really, the only thing you should be concerned with is what styles and size preferences you want. That really isn’t much of a concern at all when you have a long list of options and customizations that will cater to nearly anyone. Let’s take a look at several options for tiny cabins that would appeal to the budget-conscious small homes or mobile homes lover immediately. Better yet, view all these prefab house kit that can be had for under $20k, ready to go.

Writer’s Haven

This tiny cabin has an incredibly charming aesthetic that offers owners an open-floor plan and that old-time rustic feel. This open-concept living space is so unique, it almost resembles something straight out of a Lord of the Rings film. This getaway tiny cabin will appeal to anyone who is creative at heart.

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This tiny cabin offers a more simplistic, and minimalistic vibe. It comes in a wide range of sizes and material options to ensure that you are creating the perfect look to match your own personality. While it may seem ‘plain’ on the surface, many would say the straightforward approach is its main appeal.

Vermont Cottage B

The Vermont Cottage B offers owners plenty in the way of rustic appeal. The addition of a loft adds increased variety when it comes to planning your tiny house layout, and can open up a lot of options in regards to storage, decoration, and personalization (such as adding solar panels).

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The Smithaven tiny cabin is an incredibly charming tiny house option. The design itself offers a diy unique architecture that creates a bit of whimsy, and plenty of floor space to create your own cottage style tiny cabin. In addition, it allows for plenty of customization in order to make it absolutely unique to you.

Xylia Cottage

The Xylia Cottage is perhaps the most quintessential tiny cabin option mentioned here. The ergonomic design allows for a lot of counter space, and plenty of windows to allow natural lighting in. This energy-efficient kit home looks traditional and feels cozy all around. It is excellent for those who want a cozy-home-feel guest house, scaled-down in square feet size.

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Sugar Shacks 12x

This tiny cabin offers a more traditional, old-world shack aesthetic. Reminiscent of old New England, and filled with character, this tiny cabin will leave any homeowner feeling the complications of the modern age quickly drip away. It is perfect for anyone who wants to create an old-world feel in their tiny house.

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8x Overhang

This isn’t a tiny cabin, per se, however, I wanted to include it. This is a tiny cabin addition that really showcases the options and variety that can come with tiny house living. You can add plenty of outdoor patio space for BBQs, warm summer nights, or even simply being out in nature.

For those seeking a cabin feel when searching for a prefab tiny house, you are only limited by your imagination.

Final Thoughts

In addition to being cost-effective, easy, and generally faster than traditional on-site built tiny houses, prefab cabins are also far more eco-friendly. In the case of on-site built houses, up to 15% of all materials used will end up as waste. In just the United States alone, over 250 millions tons of waste is generated each year, with 40% of that waste coming from surplus building material waste. Prefab houses, in general, are built in efficient, and streamlined factories that reduce this waste drastically. Prefab tiny cabins only improve on these numbers.

You don’t have to invest your entire life’s savings on acquiring a cozy, rustic, and long-lasting tiny house. Prefab tiny cabins can be acquired at incredibly low price point, in a wide range of upgrade styles and material options. It’s no secret why prefab tiny cabins are taking the tiny house market by storm.

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